Yearender 2021: A summary of the food, style, fashion, travel and fitness trends seen this year

Like every year, 2021 has also created many new trends. As we prepare to welcome a New Year, we naturally feel a little nostalgic for the events of this past year, and if any of them will reverberate and make it to the following year.

As such, we bring to you this compilation of almost everything we’ve witnessed on social media and in real life – from food and fashion, to travel, style and all that is weird. , here’s an interesting buzz from 2021. Happy reading.


Food experiences happened in 2020 and they continued into 2021. Trust people to turn simple foods into something obnoxiously bizarre. This year we’ve seen some weird food combinations like the jaggery-based Maggi laddu, the Maggi milkshake, the Maggi Oreo variant with ice cream, and one based on Fanta soda, the most overwhelming of all.

Then we also saw the blasphemous Oreo pakora. It was brought up after a video of a vlogger stunned everyone.

Other smelly food combinations included rasgulla chaat and a spicy mirch-based ice cream.

Salt Bae also made the news this year, primarily because of the exorbitant prices in his restaurant, then for the bad food reviews that customers leave on review sites.


In the midst of the pandemic, sartorial moments were peppered with chic dresses, a semblance of normality with vaccine availability and more celebrity sightings. While some clicked, others left us fumbling around, and among them is the famous ombre dress Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala this year.

She was seen in many Balenciaga outfits, catapulting the brand into popularity. Other than that, this year has been a good fashion race. We saw Amanda Gorman in her iconic red headband for the presidential nomination, the Sabyasachi x H&M collaboration who divided the internet and shed light on sustainable fashion, Raw Mango ‘Other’ Campaign, to only cite a few.

You can read all about fashion’s biggest ups and downs here.


This year we also saw many celebrities go through amazing weight loss transformations. Among them were Sameera Reddy, Khushbu Sundar, Smriti Irani, to name a few.

Reddy has spoken about his fitness journey and regularly shares #FitnessFriday updates. The 42-year-old took part in sports like badminton, boxing, yoga and also managed her diet with intermittent fasting.

Smriti Irani’s transformation has gone viral this year. The Union Minister and author often shares glimpses of her daily life. And her followers watched her incredible weight loss in the photos she shared. Sharing a glimpse of her workout at the gym, she wrote: “Koshish jaari hai”.

Lizelle Remo D’Souza – wife of choreographer Remo D’Souza – has also managed to lose over 40 kg in two years. She shared her fitness journey with fans and followers, swearing by healthy eating, intermittent fasting, and regular workouts.


2021 was also the year of some iconic and interesting hairstyles, who have become pioneers. From curtain bangs and bangs to natural curls and blunt bob, there are many different styles that have been spotted on the celebrities. Check out the hairstyles here.


The trips took place in 2021, but there was a lot of caution. Many interesting travel trends emerged, and among them was revenge trip, the need to compensate for the travel time lost in 2020.

Earlier this year, had reported that people were considering short vacations and road trips rather than traveling overseas and taking long-distance trips, which seems a bit difficult in the context of the pandemic anyway, amid a global increase Omicron cases.

Trends suggest that sustainable travel has many takers, and the emerging trips that Indians were thrilled to take this year including exploring the wild side, going to unexplored places, finding zen in the mountains, etc.

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