Who will be? Celebrities of season 15

For the fans “Let’s go dancing” There is good news: it will launch again on February 18, 2022. 15th season From RTL. At the beginning of January, the first candidates to follow in the footsteps Dancing star I want to get out of 2021, Rurik Kislason.

Who are they Candidates And Candidates From season 15? All celebrity information can be found here.

“Let’s Dance” 2022: these candidates are there

At the beginning of January, RTL announced the first seven candidates for the new season of “Let’s Dance”. The new celebrities on the show are:

Carolyn Boseback

For “Let’s Dance” 2022, the young politician and writer will change Carolyn Boseback Without further ado the conference room against the dance floor. The eldest daughter, 69, of CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach, “danced for home use,” she told RTL.

Bosbach is the eldest of three daughters of CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach. Born in 1989 in Bergisch Gladbach, he moved to Berlin in 2010 to study. He moved to Frankfurt at the age of 32, where he worked in public relations. On July 15, 2021, Bosbach’s first book, Black on Green – What drives the quiet majority. For the new policy of the center ”. In October 2021, he was elected Federal President of the CDU Youth Economic Council.

Master Matthias

Multiple German champion, multiple European champion, seven-time world champion, book author and social media star: Matthias “Matso “ Guru Accomplished a lot in life. But the short-lived track and field star is up for a new challenge – and dares to hit the “Let’s Dance” dance floor in 2022.

Matthias Master was born in 1986 in Munster. He started playing at the Paralympic Games at the age of 18 and quickly showed talent. In a very short time he was able to establish himself in all three disciplines of javelin, shot put and discus throw, and became one of Germany’s most successful Paralympic athletes, as well as a number of German, European and world champions. .

The 1.42m tall athlete is a seven-time world champion and won a silver medal in the shot put in his 2008 Paralympic debut. ‘Europe in the javelin throw in 2014, 2018 and 2021.

In June 2021, Matthias Meister announced the end of his sports career and decided not to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

In the summer of 2021, he published his book “Start Small, Go Big – 142.5cm, It’s My Crazy Life”. He is also a star on social networks: this person has 400,000 followers on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Michael (Thanja Gisela Hever)

michelle, Real name Thanja Gisela Hever, was born in Willingen-Swenningen and has been one of the most popular and successful German pop singers for over 30 years.

Michelle discovered her love of music after being placed in foster care at the age of ten in her youth. She had her first experience on stage when she was a singer in a local band at the age of 14. His first studio album, “Erste Sehnsucht”, was released in 1993, followed by “Traumtänzerball” in 1995.

In 2003, Michael suffered a stroke shortly before his show. Then he took a professional break – luckily he was able to recover. Two years later, the successful icon returns with his new album “Lebanon” (2006).

Michelle has three daughters from three marriages in total.

Sarah mangione

She comes from the daughter of a Sicilian father and a German mother Sarah mangione 1990 In the world in Wolfsburg. To fulfill her dream of becoming an actress, Sarah moved to the media city of Cologne in 2015 and started as a young teacher in the TV production company “Brainpool”.

Shortly after releasing her first personal form, Sarah and Aaron Troshke (32) presented “Wow of the Week” (2016) for Munich broadcaster RTLZWEI. In 2018, he co-hosted the SAT.1 “Hotel Hersklopfen” design with Lutz van der Horst (46) and Daniel Boschman (41).

After making her acting debut in an episode role in “Under Unns” in 2017, Sarah starred her first leading role in the RTL series “Herz über Kopf2” in a total of 113 episodes. The series ran from August 2019 to February 2020.

Timur ulkar

“For many seasons, not even a year has gone by that my mom doesn’t ask me when I’m finally going to be a part of ‘Let’s Dance’ because she’s a bigger fan of ‘Let’s Dance’ than I am.” Timur ulkar To RTL when issuing the notice.

Born in Hamburg, Ulger has been on German television since 2015. At that time he landed one of the leading roles in RTL II’s scripted reality series “Cologne 50667”. For two years before leaving the 2017 series, he was seen there every day as Cem Arslan. In September 2018, he finally landed one of the coveted lead roles of the RTL series “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. Owned by the regular group for three years.

In his personal life, Timur has found happiness with his girlfriend Caroline, with whom he has two children. Her eldest daughter Ilia is six years old and her second child was born on October 16, 2019.

Cheyenne Ochenknect

Starts modeling and Instagram almost a year after the birth of their first child Cheyenne Ochenknect Next exciting episode: the 21-year-old is part of the new “Let’s Dance” season.

Cheyenne Ochshennecht is the youngest daughter of actor Uwe Ochshechneckt and model Natasha Ochshechnechneckt, sister of Jimmy Blue and Wilson Gonzalez. But he was more drawn to modeling and Instagram than to the theater. Catwalk made its Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin debut for successful label Ryani. Many other job examples followed, including labels such as Prada, Evan & Ode, Laurel and Les Eclairs.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht is also an influential and very successful figure: he has to date more than 380,000 followers. She made her Paris Fashion Week debut in the summer of 2017 and was photographed for a stunning photo series by Vogue Portugal.

2022 couldn’t have started better for Cheyenne personally: at the start of the year, the 21-year-old received an application from his partner Nino.

Hardy Krooger Jr.

Hardy Krooger Jr .. Born 1968 in Lugano, Switzerland and one of Germany’s most famous actors. In 1992, the actor began his television career in a supporting role in the ART evening series “Not From Bad Parents” – where he remained until 1996. At the same time, he starred in the series TV ART “Jagan Ten Wind.” Since his debut on public television, Hardy has appeared in several international productions, such as “Asterix and Obelix against Caesar” (1999) or “Dracula” by Roger Young in 2002.

Hardy Krooger Jr .. Twists of fate have caught him in his life. At the age of eight months, her youngest son, Paul-Luca, was baptized in 2011 and one day passed away suddenly. Krooger Jr. ripped the ground off his foot. He gave up work and alcohol, which has been a constant companion for Hardy throughout his life. Many remained in rehabilitation clinics.

Hardy Krooger Jr. has been married for the third time to public relations officer Alice Rosler since 2018, and in 2019 he adopted his daughter Antonia. Krueger Jr. has a total of 5 children from three marriages.

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