Who is Angel Brinks dating? The fashion designer is pregnant


People who enjoy experiencing the lifestyle of NBA stars and their families probably love the VH1 franchise. basketball brides. With 14 seasons under its belt, the series has followed the lives of various women entrepreneurs and businesswomen making waves in the industry. And fashion designer Angel Brinks is considered a fan favorite.

She appeared on LA basketball women Seasons 4 and 5 and will also be back for Season 10. Angel’s down-to-earth personality, talent and gentle nature have won over audiences. Not to mention, a tragic loss his family endured made Angel accessible to viewers as well. Now that the fashion designer currently has a bun in the oven, fans are taking an interest in her love life. So who is Angel dating? Here is what we know.

Angel Brinks is dating “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star RoccStar, and they are expecting a baby together.

Oh baby! On October 19, 2021, Angel took to Instagram to celebrate her birthday and share that she is expecting a new child in a post showing her baby bump.

“It’s my birthday. So thankful for the family, the love, the success… and speaking of birth, it’s almost time! No more surprises on the way,” she wrote with festive emojis.

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Fans and other celebrities flocked to her Instagram page to share their congratulations under her post.

“Happy Birthday Brinksy. And congratulations! You deserve all the blessings ”, basketball brides commented alum Tami Roman.

“The secret is finally revealed. Happy birthday beauty, ” basketball brides commented star Brandi Maxiell.

Not to mention Angel’s boyfriend and father of her unborn child, LHHH RoccStar star – born Leon Youngblood Jr. – also showed her support in the comments section and with a post on his Instagram page.

“Since it’s @angelbrinks birthday and celebration time!” Might as well celebrate a little more !! Baby on the way! ”He captioned a photo of them both cradling her round belly.

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Through The Jasmine BRAND, Angel, and RoccStar started dating in late 2020. Since then, the store shares that they have made very few public appearances together. However, it looks like they may be there for the long haul. The couple are said to share a business, Roccstar’s Angels Trucking, LLC, located in North Hills, California.

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Angel Brinks has two children – a son with her ex-husband and a daughter from a previous relationship.

As Angel awaits the arrival of her unborn child, this is not her first rodeo in the maternity department. The 39-year-old has two children – a daughter and a son named Azari and Amani.

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Angel shares Azari with her ex-husband, who sadly committed suicide when she was nine months pregnant with her son, per HollywoodMask. Although Angel never disclosed the identity of her ex-husband, her tragic loss was discussed on basketball brides. Azari also expressed mourning over her father’s absence.

As for Amani, Angel shares her with NBA player Tyreke Evans. They endured a relationship over and over again, and the pair ultimately cut ties with each other.

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Angel Brinks

While Angel has been through a lot in her past relationships, it is heartwarming to see that she has finally found someone to stand by her side. We would like to congratulate Angel and RoccStar on their relationship and happiness.

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