Versace Spring 2023 Men’s Fashion Show Review

Versace Spring 2023 Men’s Fashion Show Review

When Home Met Man

By Angela Baidoo

A dressing of the codes of menswear, sees the options for the Versace customer becoming more fluid, both in terms of silhouettes and gender, and leaning towards the look of the younger generation whose letter is located towards the end of the l Alphabet, the Versace label that has always had an infinity of artists, celebrities and sports stars is determined to build on this relationship as a way to maintain its iconic status and cement its future.

Confidently walking the line between unexpected juxtapositions – playful and formal, bravado and sensibility, baroque and pop – the Versace man has mastered the statement he wants to make.


The need for clothing choices to duplicate meant that sportswear played a key role in sports-influenced outerwear. A cobalt ensemble demonstrated how nylons can be reinvented and improved for on the go, while maintaining the ease of activewear that will appeal to a younger clientele who prefer the ubiquitous streetwear look but with a luxury underpinning. Sleek jersey bodysuits were another inclusive item in the collection, playing into the recent revival of the tank top, Donatella reimagined this staple style and updated it with the brand of sex appeal Versace – meaning wide pieces of fabric cut at the sides and the back. It will be one that crosses over for its ability to layer under jackets during the day and expose as much skin as the wearer dares at night.

Taking its sustainability obligations seriously, the brand’s efforts to elevate low-impact materials are commendable. As stated in their exhibit notes “Python print leather is an alternative to exotic skins and leather-look styles [are] made of eco-sustainable latex.

The acid glosses which added a shock of color to the collection were a welcome addition, as the vibrancy of last summer’s collection could still be spotted amongst the show attendees, the brand has always kept these chroma lovers in mind when developing the collection for this season. Bright coral, neon orange and aqua blue have been made easier to wear when paired with dark beige and purple tones. Used all over printed shirts, casual suits and wide leg pants.

Collegiate striped blazers and wide leg pants serve as a rebel new uniform when paired with acid neons

– Angela Baidoo

The recent Salon Di Mobile, which took place the previous week, had a visceral impact on the range of accessories that enhanced looks. Surreal homewares in the form of mini saucers dangling from belts, as well as miniature teacups that gave the collection a quirky yet playful undertone.

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