Top Irish fashion designer ‘worn out’ by abusive online posts


An award-winning Irish fashion designer has revealed that after two years she was ‘worn out’ by abusive texts despite her efforts to help those with eating disorders who have been raped.

Sarah Murphy, a renowned designer who has dressed many Irish celebrities such as TV presenter Angela Scanlon and vegan blogger and cookbook author Holly White, has spoken openly about the rape which led to a long battle with a disorder. of food.

One of the Instagram posts said, “Stupid f * cing b ** ch. Just another little slut who changed her mind. I bet you loved it… rape please ?! what to complain about and shut up.

Speaking to her official Instagram account, the fashion designer who lives in Co Wicklow said she had seriously considered leaving the normally user-friendly social media app, but that she “would like to let them win for me. “, but that the Platform will become quieter.

She posted: “After a little over two years of receiving offensive, abusive and sometimes threatening messages, I am exhausted. Although I do believe that if you expose yourself and express an opinion publicly, you should be able to defend that opinion.

“You should be able to defend it from a position of knowing based on understanding, truth and fact. You shouldn’t run around and hide from criticism. But there is a difference between reviews that question your point of view and outright abuse. “

She added, “I thought about quitting Instagram, but I have a pretty stubborn streak in me and I would feel like I was letting them win against me. Instead, maybe I’ll just be a bit calmer and probably stop talking about some stuff that seems to cause such hateful messages. Of course, the only person who’s going to miss them is the person sending this to me.

Taken offline

Ms Murphy speculated that she might post exclusively photos of her dog instead. “I mean, he’s really cute and my phone is full of pictures of him anyway. Can nobody take offense? “

The abuse was reported to Instagram and a number of the accounts involved were taken offline.

Many well-known people in the industry have rushed to offer their help, including model Sarah McGovern who said: “Oh my god I’m in shock people would say such horrible things. Are the ones who have it. all the problems not you Keep doing what you are doing you are amazing.

The Eating Disorders Awareness Advocate’s Patient Liaison Ambassador is involved with the National Eating Disorders Clinical Team and St Vincent Hospital Group in hosting a group meeting of bi-monthly support.

According to the Health Service Executive (HSE) model of care, around 188,895 people in Ireland will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their lives, while around 1,757 new cases occur here each year in the age group 10-49 years.

Currently there are three specialty beds based at St Vincent’s Hospital for those based in South County and Wicklow to treat adults with eating disorders – the same number 14 years ago.

There are no other allocated hospital beds of this type nationally. Patients with eating disorders are cared for in general hospitals or in psychiatric settings according to the HSE.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, you can call the 24-hour National Rape Hotline on 1800 77 8888, access SMS service and online chat options. at the address, or visit Help in case of rape.

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