Tommy Dorfman enjoys being at Paris Fashion Week as “myself” | Celebrities


Tommy Dorfman loved being at Paris Fashion Week as “myself”.

The “13 Reasons Why” star, who turned transgender in July, has “more of an affinity” with skirts and dresses and has loved trying on new designer pieces at various fashion shows in the French capital.

She said: “It’s been such a fun week to be back – like myself. I love going to shows I’ve never been to before, finally being able to explore different houses in Paris and try different things. “

The 29-year-old actress insisted she had never seen fashion as “binary”.

Tommy explained, “I’ve never really seen binary fashion, it’s just a question of expression. I think of history and the men in tunics, the men in skirts, the men in dresses and to see this kind of retranslation to today is really exciting. It’s fun to be a part of all of these things coming together. “

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The “Jane the Virgin” star loved to wear a power suit for Givenchy because it made her feel “so powerful and beautiful”.

She told WWD, “I really wanted to wear a power suit. I wanted to feel that trust and Matthew [Williams’] the tailoring is so exceptional. I wore her costume a few weeks ago for an event and felt so powerful and beautiful at the same time, so when I knew I was coming to the show I wanted to feel the same.

Tommy always saw himself as a woman and even knew she would be a “mother or grandmother” in the future.

She recently said: “A trans senior asked me how I see myself when I was older, 60, 70, 90 years old. It was so clear, I just saw Cate Blanchett. But I really couldn’t imagine not being a mother or a grandmother.

“My mind was so tuned in to all that it means to be a woman. I walked in the privilege of a male body, but [being a woman] is all I have known inside. Trans women would point me all the time and say, “Hey, girl, what’s up? “Because it’s kind of a thing you recognize.”

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