Hina Khan’s name cannot be ignored when it comes to fashion and makeup. The actress has been dubbed “one of TV’s fashionistas.” Her style and fashion sense are admired by her admirers and many TV celebrities.

Everyone got to see the hip side of Hina Khan during her time in the Bigg Boss house during season 11. The actress was quite picky about her looks and what she wore. Her fellow contestants and fans were in love with her clothes and makeup. We asked Hina Khan what fashion means to her and how she selects what suits her in an exclusive interview with Koimoi. “I have to admit that I have to be comfortable in what I do,” the Damaged 2 actress told Koimoi. I don’t adhere to any set of rules. I am not a trend follower. I want my followers to see me in different outfits and makeup styles.

Hina Khan tops the list when it comes to Indian TV’s most gorgeous actresses. The actress turned heads with her great sense of style, in addition to her acting skills and straightforward attitude. Hina knows how to do everything with ease and precision, whether it’s extravagant hairstyles, elegant outfits or trendy jewelry. She’s been making headlines for her design choices for a while now, and she’s considered one of the prettiest women on TV.

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