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‘Sustainability will be one’ of the lifestyle trends to watch in 2022

Posted on January 3, 2022

iTokri, India’s leading online artisan and hand-woven retailer, forecasts 2022 trends in fashion, home decor and accessories, including shopping preferences that have changed in the past two years due to the pandemic.

The year 2022 will be that of sustainability. This dynamic blending trend will transform the way we live and captivate our style statements across segments.

As the popularity and demand for sustainable living increases, it will become the new style statement in everything from clothing to home decor and kitchen appliances, as well as accessories to footwear. . Sustainable products are trends that last a long time and will make the fashion world go round, redefining our level of consciousness for living in a sustainable life and even the way we consume fashion.

Here are some of the important trends for 2022 that will remain relevant for years to come.

Fashion with comfort – With sustainable fashion gaining more and more popularity and people continuing to work from home, the comfort clothing trend will reign in 2022. From casual and loungewear like oversized tops to pure cotton palazzo pants, kurtas to satin pajamas and fine dresses the quality cotton and exquisite hand-woven fabric will be a forerunner (fashion from morning to night) for everyone.

Sustainability in interior design – As the New Year begins, it’s time to give your home a classic new look with some traditional decor items. This year, many home decor items made from natural materials will become popular. Fashionable handmade decorative items made of natural materials like bamboo and sabai grass will be in demand in the home decor segment. From vibrant table runners and hand-carved natural wood coasters, to decorative lampshades and antique wine racks; it will be the year of home decorating with handcrafted products from across the country.

Durability in accessories – In 2022, the combination of refreshing and daring classic looks will be the new favorite of fashion trends. We will see a new trend of men and women adorning jewelry made with natural stones, opaque crystals set and lots of silver that will enhance the existing wardrobe. Also, multicolored handbags with wide belts will add freshness to your wardrobe. Other accessories like silk hair bands and retro scarves will add a glamorous finish to everyday looks.

Trend with embroidery – This is the only trend that is making a big comeback. Embroidery in clothes and fashionable pieces like belts, hats, dresses, shoes will make them even more colorful and unique. Embroidery styles like Kashidakari, Rabari Embroidery, Gara Craft, Aughi designs from Uttar Pradesh and many more will be all the rage in 2022.

“We hope the forecast provides perspective beyond fashion trends and helps people understand what’s trending and suitable for everyday life as we head into the New Year and embrace a new ‘ normality ”together. At iTokri, we aim to promote sustainability as a permanent choice because of the benefits it offers and to help our customers feel and feel the best possible way. This new year, trends in different segments will see people indulge in more handmade and craft products than ever before, especially young people. Says Nitin Pamnani, co-founder, iTokri.

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