Smoking, sedentary lifestyle and supplements are the reasons for increased heart attacks, reveals expert


Inder Kumar, Amit Mistry, Raj Kaushal and now Sidharth Shukla are said to be added to the unfortunate list of celebrities who have lost their lives following a heart attack. Who would have imagined someone as fit and healthy as Shukla, as young as him, will fall prey to the silent killer, according to reports, but a police investigation is underway. 40-year-old Shukla, who was at the peak of his career and enjoyed the fame one can only desire, left today for the heavenly abode.

However, all of these sudden and young deaths raise a relevant question. How and why? In an age when people are more health conscious than ever, cases of heart attacks are on the rise. Is it because of the stress caused by the pandemic or does it mean that all that glitters is not gold? To be precise, no matter how fit we look on the outside, it’s important to be as fit, if not more fit, from the inside as well.

Dr Subhendu Mohanty, Chief and Senior Consultant – Cardiologist, Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida, tells you that the increase in heart attack cases among young people can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and stress. Although people are concerned about their health, they do not take care of it.

“It’s true that during the pandemic people worried about their health, but the reality is that they don’t do much about it. In addition, there are few misconceptions related to heart attack. Some believe that only people with high cholesterol or high blood pressure can have a heart attack. Therefore, they focus more on this and have their blood tests done every six months. These are all unscientific methods propagated by several agencies. According to science, it is not necessary to take a routine exam at the age of 30, ”says Mohanty. People need to understand what the main risk factors are. Today it is stress and smoking.

“No one quantifies stress let alone does anything about it. The second thing is that smoking has become common. It is the most dangerous risk factor. Apart from this, lack of exercise, poor diet, and insufficient sleep also have a role to play. Our sleep patterns have been disrupted by night shifts. A good night’s sleep is not a substitute. If you didn’t sleep well last night, it will increase your stress level the next day, ”he explains.

He tells you that a lot of people instead of quitting smoking are cutting back on the daily count. However, this will not help. “It’s important to quit smoking if you love your heart. A lot of people compare themselves to others that if the other one smokes 20 cigarettes a day and is doing perfectly fine, I can do without. It’s wrong. We can’t tell which body reacts to these toxins, ”says Mohanty.

Other than that, today we only focus on building muscle. We want to look good, but our internal health suffers. “People can tell that celebrities exercise a lot and always have a heart attack. The point is, it’s not just about building muscle. You have to stay healthy from the inside out and stress can never let it happen, ”says Mohanty.

Also, the new trend of anything called an immunity booster needs to stop at lightning speed. Supplements have become an integral part of our lives during the pandemic.

“It is important to know what supplements you are taking. Some of these can be anabolic steroids which can do more harm than good. Most of the brands on the market don’t clearly mention the ingredients and certificates, so it becomes difficult to know what you have. This unrestricted use of supplements in everyday life may also be a reason for the increase in incidents of heart attacks in young people, ”he tells you.

These tips will help you.

  1. Only use a supplement after careful research into its ingredients and certifications.
  2. Adding a fruit or 250 grams of raw vegetables in salad form, such as cucumber, can help improve your heart health. Diabetics can look for fruits that contain less sugar.
  3. Don’t add extra salt to your food.
  4. Say no to vanaspati ghee. Also avoid baked foods like cakes and cookies. They contain a large amount of vanaspati ghee.
  5. Avoid empty sugars. These are widely available in carbonated drinks.
  6. Get enough sleep.
  7. Spend time with your family. Engaging in games will help reduce stress.
  8. Take a break, think, and relax for a while.

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