Roman Kemp to ‘leave showbiz’ in five years after shock health diagnosis

Roman Kemp has revealed his plans to leave showbiz within five years after receiving a shocking diagnosis for a disorder caused by his busy schedule. The Capital Breakfast show host has revealed his plans to leave the industry after being diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes a person’s breathing to stop and restart during sleep and requires Ronan to wear an oxygen mask overnight. The Spandau Ballet star’s son Martin Kemp has also previously spoken of battling depression.

The presenter endured five years of demanding early starts for his morning radio show. He told the Mail online“My level of fatigue was debilitating, and they told me it was because of my job and I said it was different.

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“I was talking with people where I thought I was on the verge of narcolepsy because I was in the middle of a conversation and I was snoring and I didn’t realize it, it was very strange. The doctors told me that I had to wear an oxygen mask.

“There is absolutely nothing sexy about going back to Roman Kemp. They expect candles and mood lighting, but they get a feeling of Darth Vader in an oxygen tank,” he joked about how his love life could make for a brilliant documentary for Channel 5.

The former I’m a Celebrity finalist has said he would gladly retire from a life in the spotlight, insisting he never chose his career for fame. Instead, his plans are to become a stay-at-home dad and open a dog sanctuary.

However, first he wants to reach a decade in the industry and therefore intends to stay for another five years. He told Steven Bartlett on The Diary of a CEO podcast: “I want at least a decade on the air.

“I would love to be able to say I spent a decade on this show – if my bosses will allow it, I don’t know.”

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