Ranveer Singh Reacts To Being Trolled For His Quirky Fashion Sense, Says ‘I Felt Judged’

Ranveer Singh is often trolled for his choice of outfits. Recently, the actor said he made fun of her quirky fashion sense.

Ranveer Singh on being trolled for his fashion choices.


  • Ranveer Singh is usually trolled for his fashion choices.
  • The actor has now responded to the trolls who made fun of him.
  • In an interaction with a fan, the actor said he felt judged.

Ranveer Singh is known for his quintessential fashion sense. Every time he goes out on the town, the actor makes headlines for his quirky outfits. While some admire his style, others find him bizarre. As a result of the same, Ranveer is often trolled for his fashion choices. While interacting with fans on Twitter, Ranveer finally reacted to trolls mocking her choice of outfits.


During the Twitter Q&A, one netizen compared Ranveer Singh’s dress sense to the suits celebrities wear at the Met Gala. And that’s exactly when Ranveer talked about feeling judged.

He said: “Before, I felt reluctant to speak out. I felt judged. I changed my way of being based on the effects those judgments had on me. At some point, I gave up. I was like, people I’m going to judge anyway, so dress how you want and I’m glad I was able to evolve into a person who does that on a regular basis now.”

The actor went on to add, “It’s not like I imagined this character would be flamboyant in the way I dress or anything. It’s just me. I love wearing colors. .I like things bright and vibrant.I’ve realized over a period of time I’m more drawn to the maximalist school.But when it comes to spaces,like a house or a vanity,I like that everything is very minimal, almost painfully minimal.


Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh is preparing for the release of his next film, Jayesbhai Jordaar. The film, directed by Divyang Thakkar, is set to be released on May 13, 2022.

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