Penn State Coaches vs Cancer Golf Tournament Celebrities

The Penn State Coaches vs. Cancer golf tournament celebrated its 25th anniversary this week, as the event took place on the university’s blue and white courses on campus. It also marked a return to normal, as the 2020 release was canceled due to COVID-19, and the 2021 release took place much later in the summer and on a scaled-down basis.

For the current Nittany Lion coach Micah Shrewsberrywho was only a few months into his tenure for the ’21 tournament, a key change was his own knowledge of how to get around Happy Valley.

“It was much easier to find the golf course,” he joked to reporters during the late morning flight change. On a more serious note, Shrewsberry said while he knew what to expect in his second year as tournament host, it was cool to see it all play out.

“Now I get to see it,” Shrewsberry said. “That’s what they’ve done – like even grabbing the new sponsors this year, there’s 20 new sponsors they’ve signed up this year to help out. So just seeing things like that, the support of all this community, from this whole state, everyone is really doing their part to help. It’s fun for me to see. I’m just doing a little game.

The final numbers for this year’s tournament have yet to be tallied at the time of this writing. But heading into this year, Penn State CVC had raised more than $3.5 million for the fight against cancer over the years. More than $2 million of that amount came from the golf tournament.

Then-coach Bruce Parkhill started Penn State CVC in 1995, and two years later his replacement – ​​Jerry Dunn – started the golf tournament. Both were present this year, as was Dunn’s replacement, Ed DeChellis.

Dunn laughed as he recalled the first tournament, which featured 17 groups of golfers. This year, more than 300 men and women took part. This included a host of former Penn State basketball and football players.

“The thing about this tournament is that it gets bigger every year,” Dunn said. “From the time Coach Parkhill involved Penn State basketball in Coaches vs. Cancer and then he retired and we started the golf tournament. It’s just amazing what it’s become, in large part because of the leadership of the people involved. … You have to have good people around you, and they were great.

Even before answering a question on Friday, Shrewsberry made sure to salute the work that Parkhill, Dunn, DeChellis and then Pat Chambers have done to build Penn State CVC and the signature golf tournament.

“Me, I’m just trying to walk that long line, to do what we can do to fight cancer,” he said. “It’s important for us. So it’s a great event, I’m happy to be part of it.

Scroll down to check out some of the well-known faces who took part in the Penn State Coaches vs. Cancer golf tournament on Friday.

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