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Oops: Times Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Gone Wrong

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We love Kim’s willingness to try new things in the fashion world. The problem is that she sometimes gives it her all, which results in some epic and gruesome fashion flops. From bizarre wardrobe jumpsuits to wearing overly exposed or ill-fitting dresses to all the latex Kim wears, she’s definitely made an art of taking the boldest fashion risks. And while Kim sometimes succeeds, when she fails, she fails spectacularly. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite photos of Kim’s fashion gaffes.

1. When Kim Kardashian wore this outfit by designer Riccardo Tisci to the Met Ball in 2013 while pregnant with her child, North, she was compared to Mrs. Doubtfire.

2. During Paris Fashion Week, Kim was seen with Kanye West wearing another outfit with a gold choker necklace that failed to impress voters.

3.VMA dress is chosen by Kim. “Since becoming a mother, my style has become sexier,” she revealed.

4. Kim was having a great Halloween at the time in 2020 with her “Tiger King” and fuzzy spider costumes, but then she introduced a LITERAL head-to-toe outfit that seemed difficult to breathe.

Even though the Balenciaga fit was characterized as a “morph suit suit,” it’s still a bit of a blur.

5. In 2018, when Kim wore a Matrix-inspired long leather coat, sweatshirt, spandex, and shoes that made her appear like she was from another world.

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