Nitches is creating two luxury capsule collections with celebrities and influencers for later this month

LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Nitches Inc., (NICH) (the “Company”), a designer and manufacturer of premium apparel and accessories, today announced the creation of two luxury capsule collections featuring celebrities and influencers who will be available later this month. Nitches collaborated with Nick cooper, American Idol superstar vocal coach, and John lewis, the BadAss Vegan, to create iconic streetwear collections including hoodies, hats and more. Only 200-300 items will be made, ensuring exclusivity for their most dedicated fans.

Capsule collections started in the 1970s and are seeing a resurgence of Gen Z and millennial shoppers looking for unique items. According to a recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Altagamma survey of true luxury shoppers, four trends will drive demand among young consumers: luxury sportswear, celebrity influence on shopping, engagement on social networks and online sales.

“The niches will attract buyers who are always on trend, revere pop culture and use fashion to make a statement,” said John morgan, CEO of Nitches. “Our sustainable clothing will be sold through our online store and marketed on social media, including famous stars sporting the latest looks from our famous collaborators.”

Nitches works one-on-one with celebrities, from design concept to final manufacturing to deliver premium quality selected products that reflect the unique brands of personalities. The celebrities help market the products to their fan base on their own media platforms instead of spending excessive amounts of money on advertising.

“Other luxury brands are spending excessive amounts of money hiring celebrity spokespersons to represent their brands in glossy advertising campaigns,” Morgan said. “At Nitches, the profits are shared with the artists to encourage free promotion on social media and beyond as much as possible. Plus, the stars have access to our top designers and truly exceptional workmanship. win-win for everyone ”

Because the products are limited edition, Nitches has created their own authentication technology. To validate legitimacy and protect celebrity intellectual property, a unique QR code is sewn into each item, which the buyer can then use to register the product in the Nitches database. In addition, an NFT (non-fungible token) is also created for each product to protect it from data counterfeiting. An NFT QR code allows buyers to share their unique digital asset in the metaverse.

About Nitches Corporation

Nitches is a premium apparel and accessories company specializing in creating limited edition, durable, authentic and exclusive sportswear and streetwear wear. We collaborate with avant-garde influencers and celebrities to create capsule collections that reflect their vision and brand. We have developed innovative technology to protect our intellectual property and prevent counterfeiting. We strive for creativity, excellence and value in everything we do for our people, customers and stakeholders.

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