New Spider-Man costume makes its debut


Miles Morales has always had a costume inspired by the classic Peter Parker’s costume, but his first brand new costume is 100% new and entirely his own.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 29!

Miles Morales finally has a new one Spider Man suit. Miles is a relatively new character in the Spider-Man series, first appearing in 2011. Ultimate fallout # 4 as part of the Marvel Ultimate universe. But the teenage hero proved popular enough to make the leap into the main universe – and into Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 29, written by Saladin Ahmed with illustrations by Chris Allen and colors by David Curiel, Miles finally gets the new costume fans have been waiting for, just in time for his 10th birthday.

In previous issues, Miles has suffered a lot. It was only recently that he saved his little sister from three clones in his own Clone Saga, which ended in the death of two clones (supposedly) and the third, Shift, becoming the ally of Miles and a foster brother of sorts. Meanwhile, Ganke and Barbara broke up, confusing Miles ad infinitum (since the pair didn’t become a pair there are two numbers). Miles walked through the wringer, and although he ultimately survived his battle with the clones, his costume did not survive; he’s ripped to shreds and he clearly needs a new costume. Miles sends an SMS to a contact named K: “I’m ready to try it.”

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Spider-Man meets a woman and her non-binary child, Kenneth Kingston – and Spidey has covered himself in a patchwork of clothing to hide his identity. Miles has helped Kenneth a lot, and it pays dividends. “That fashion mentorship from Van Dyne that you connected Kenneth with – it’s changing their world, right now.” She hasn’t seen him happy for a very long time, but she knows Miles helped her – she mentions that other heroes in the Marvel Universe spend time battling alien invaders, giant robots, and mythical monsters, but Spider-Man helps “common people” like her and Kenneth. So, Kenneth presents Miles with his brand new Spider-Man costume.

Artist Chase Conley wanted to give Miles a new silhouette when designing his new costume; the old costume was an almost exact copy of Peter Parker’s. Instead of her boots blending into her legs, the new costume has distinctive large shoes. Perhaps the most distinctive element is the jacket that ends with a mask that ends right in front of Spider-Man’s eyes. The old costume was predominantly black with red as a secondary color; here the two shades are evenly dispersed. A final major distinction from Miles (and Peter’s) old costume are the eyes – they’re a lighter shade of red instead of white.

The new costume is clearly a departure from Miles’ old standby, and it’s already proven to be somewhat controversial among fans who don’t like the radical new design. Spider-Man’s costumes are almost always form-fitting to show off his acrobatic prowess while swinging through New York City. But this costume is unique in that sense Spider Man did not do it himself, nor another Avenger with high tech gadgets; it was made by a fan, and someone who Miles Morales help.

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