Mohit Malik is one of the main stars of the television industry. The actor won immense love and was recently awarded as the most promising actor in the television industry. Now the actor has opened up about his showbiz journey, read below to find out what the actor had to say.

He said: “To receive such incredible appreciation for my work with this award is great. It just gives me the motivation to work harder and harder, because it also indicates that the audience is strongly connected with me, with my work and the characters that I bring to life on screen who are still loved and remembered. . Like I said once, TV is my home, it’s my comfort zone, being a part of TV has only helped me evolve, grow and shape myself as an actor and performer that I want to be “,

He added, “I feel lucky to have had the chance to experience a variety of genres over the years, which audiences have always loved and appreciated. In each of my shows, I have had the chance not only to play my character as he is, but I have been able to experience various avatars of my characters, whether angry or romantic, whether they are act of a father figure or a mad lover. , there has been only one variety to play with for me, which as an actor there is nothing better I could ask for. Being on a TV set, there has always been something new to discover and explore every day, and I am truly grateful for all the learning I have gained, and look forward to new learning to come. with any project that I now take “as stated in ETimes.

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