Missouri Man in Colonial Suit Charged in Jan. 6 Riot at Capitol Hill | KOLR


SPRINGFIELD, Missouri – A Missouri locksmith was charged in the January 6 Capitol riot on Wednesday August 4.

Isaac Samuel Yoder, owner of “Yoder Lock and Key” business in Nevada, Missouri, was featured in several photographs inside the Capitol building wearing a George Washington costume.

According to federal officials, Yoder was identified through intelligence directed to the FBI National Threat Operations Center which stated, “I have been informed that an individual working at locksmith Yoder in Nevada, Missouri was involved in the storming of the Capitol on January 6. I’m not sure of the gentleman’s first name, but I know on the day of the event he was inside the Capitol and dressed as George Washington.

Officers then compared the photo of his driver’s license to the photo of the man in a suit on the Capitol on January 6.

The images matched and Yoder was contacted by FBI agents to conduct an interview.

Yoder accepted an interview with FBI agents at the Joplin Resident Agency in Joplin, Missouri.

During the interview, Yoder explained that he entered the Capitol building through a west-facing door after seeing broken glass and barricades.

He said the situation appeared to be “somewhat under control” by the time he entered the building and many people were standing to take photos and videos.

Yoder said he got out the same way he got in.

He said he later learned that his brothers, who attended the Trump rally with him, were exposed to tear gas, and one of them was hit by rubber bullets.

He brought the suit and his phone to the interview, and officers were able to determine that it was the same one worn during the riot.

Yoder has been charged with knowingly entering a restricted building and attempting to disrupt government affairs with disorderly conduct or a parade, protest or picketing inside a building from the Capitol.

Yoder was arrested on August 4 in Springfield.


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