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(MCS) — To wrap up the 2021-2022 school year, Mount Carmel School held its annual commencement ceremonies last week.

All ceremonies took place at Mount Carmel Cathedral and after two years of Covid-19 restrictions, many family members and friends of the school’s graduates were able to attend this year’s launch ceremonies. For those unable to attend in person, the graduation ceremonies were also streamed live online via the MCS Facebook page.

This year, Mount Carmel School graduated 36 kindergarten students, 55 eighth graders and 52 senior graduates.

Of the eighth grade graduates, Valerie Anne Rivera Estella won the salutatorian award and William Matthew B. Cano won the valedictorian of the eighth grade class.

Among the class of 2022 high school graduates, Richard Jesus Mafnas Villagomez won the salute award and Aleia Carlinne Hofschneider Santos won the school valedictorian.

During her welcome address, MCS Principal and Acting President Frances Taimanao congratulated all the students and praised them for the level of impact they have had during a difficult school year of closures. of schools, transitions between face-to-face and remote learning, Covid-19 testing and restrictions, while promoting school spirit and excellence.

“You are a group of creative young people who have shown good character and leadership for the students of this school. You have shown leadership in your own way. You have been involved in school leadership meetings, the school strategic master plan planning, community services, sports, charity, island-wide competitions and much more,” said Taimanao.

Towards the end of her speech, she also thanked the parents of the graduates saying, “To the devoted parents of these graduates. Congratulations and a job well done. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made just to send your child to Mount Carmel. For that, we are eternally grateful. On behalf of the Board of Directors, management team, faculty and staff, thank you for all of your support and for your confidence in Catholic education.

Mount Carmel School’s keynote speaker at the opening ceremony and former school president, Dr. Galvin Deleon Guerrero, delivered a heartfelt speech that left many onlookers emotional. Starting with the theme of the value of time and the fact that more often than not people tend to spend time on trivial situations that often don’t matter.

“It’s funny how, more than our own family and friends, we seem to pay more attention to complete strangers whose lives have absolutely no bearing on us – trolls, haters, celebrities, social influencers or fictional characters on TV shows like ‘Bridgerton.’ But, imagine also if you knew that a dear family member or close friend was to die within a year, month or week. Would you make the time? Would you make the effort to visit your grandparents of your own free will? Would you reach out to those who hurt you, or those you hurt, to make amends? honorable? Would you join the gang at the beach, return someone’s call, or just reply to a message, instead of leaving it unread?”

Dr. G’s speech left graduates with three main lessons. First, make the most of their time. Second, make the most of other people’s time. Finally, make the most of the moments.

Bringing his speech back to the same question he posed at the start: “If you knew you only had 30 seconds left, what would you do?” So here, now, let’s take 30 seconds for carpe diem and savor this very moment. When I start the timer, look at your family, look at your teachers, look at your friends. Do not hesitate to cry. Do not hesitate to laugh. Do not hesitate to applaud. But, whatever you do, make the most of those 30 seconds.

At each event, the following prizes were awarded:

Grade 12 graduates with honors

Valedictorian – Aleia Carlinne Hofschneider Santos

Salutatorian – Richard Jesus Mafnas Villagomez

1st Honor – Fiona Marielle Avengana Bucalig

2nd Honor – Monique Laura F. Duenas

3rd Honor – Hyunkyu Park

4th Honor – Jeremiah Jerome Hernandez Diaz

5th Honor – Larry Dean Tenorio Cruz

6th Honor – Christian Felix Cabrera Guerrero

7th Honor – Vaughn Andrei Abigania Mallari

8th Honor – Jefferey Y. Sheu

9th Honor – Robin Kyle M. Alvarez

10th Honor – Hannah D. Lacap

11th Honor – Kim Jun Beom

12th Honor – Raesyl Gerard Lopez Solis

13th Honor – Theresa Rose Cano Schweiger

14th Honor – Kaia De Jesus Travilla

15th Honor – Joshua Donovan Camacho Tenorio

16th Honor – William Nathaniel E. Ano

17th Honor – Yujeong Son

18th Honor – Kiana Lei Manglona Propst

19th Honor – Ryu Jihwan

20th Honor – Hyunjun Kim

21st Honor – Christopher Adam L. Mafnas

22nd Honor – Regina T. Huerto

23rd Honor – Richard Ramon Steele

24th Honor – Cory Lee

Grade 12 Special Awards

Bishop’s Christian Service Award – Richard Jesus Mafnas Villagomez

President’s Award – Richard Jesus Mafnas Villagomez

Governor’s Leadership Award – Richard Jesus Mafnas Villagomez

Lieutenant Governor’s Leadership Award – Vaughn Andrei Abigania Mallari

Outstanding Graduate – Aleia Carlinne Hofschneider Santos

Grade 12 Subject Awards

English Language – Richard Jesus Mafnas Villagomez

Science – Monique Laura F. Duenas

Mathematics – Richard Jesus Mafnas Villagomez

Social Sciences – Aleia Carlinne Hofschneider Santos

Theology – Aleia Carlinne Hofschneider Santos

IT – Aleia Carlinne Hofschneider Santos

Foreign Language – Yujeong Son

Art – Yujeong Son

Music – Jedric Nathaniel C. Villar

Drama – Larry Dean Tenorio Cruz

Speech – Aleia Carlinne Hofschneider Santos

Physical education/health, women – Fiona Marielle Avengana Bucalig

Man – Jeremiah Jerome Hernandez Diaz

8th graduates with honors

Valedictorian – William Matthew B. Cano

Salutatorian – Valerie Anne Rivera Estella

1st Honor – Kayli Ari Salas

2nd Honor – Patricia Denielle Guillo Lugtu

3rd honor – Victor Nash Maniego Santos

4th Honor – Jessiana Borja Tenorio

5th Honor – Gavril Myles Ritumalta Santiago

6th Honor – Leonard Jake B. Regalado

7th Honor – Emmanuel Cruzat Pontiveros

8th Honor – Kate Nicole A. Cabalbag

9th Honor – Mikayla Ikeda Castro

10th Honor – Seunghee Jeon

11th Honor – Chae Eun Kim

12th Honor – Arwen Hannah N. Bartolata

13th Honor – Mya AnnDrew Eve DLG. Pangelinan

14th Honor – Asa Vanessa Backe

15th honor (tie) – Ayanna Faith Hernandez Matsumoto and Camron Zavier Santos Pangelinan

16th Honor – Oscar Bien Reyes Buenaflor

17th Honor – Heleyna Frielle Cruz Dela Santa

18th Honor – Quince Emanuel Olanda Tizon

19th Honor – Sophia Joshabelle Tenorio

20th Honor – Elise Furey Maratita

21st Honor – Ainsley Parnes Ancheta

22nd Honor – Andrick Poon

23rd Honor – Alexandria Ysabelle Dysangco

24th Honor – Therese Joy Obongen Ogo

25th Honor – Annieskha F. Arreza

26th Honor – Jasmine Meleana Deleon Guerrero

27th Honor – Lance Jericho Albuen Javier

28th Honor – Michael Q. Mercado, Jr.

29th Honor – Mikaehla Paige Reyes Mendoza

30th Honor – Joseph Brandon Reyes Pangelinan

31st Honor – Zion Jude Cing Cabrera

32nd Honor – Nyla-Jordan Nie Deleon Guerrero

Grade 8 Special Awards

Citizenship Award – Oscar Bien Reyes Buenaflor

Leadership Award – Therese Joy Obongen Ogo

Principal Award – William Matthew B. Cano

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