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The origins of Mama La Verne’s Chicken-N-Waffles go back 30 years. It all started when La Verne traveled from coast to coast to feed his family, friends and finally celebrities. Fast forward to now, the same recipe has evolved into an empire. Her daughter, Donna Joiner, works with her mother to maintain her family’s traditions. A tradition that began in Laburn’s childhood.

“I have always been interested in cooking. I come from a family of nine brothers, and my mom and dad have always made sure we know how to cook. With mom. I just watch my dad bake cakes together, bake chicken and waffles. We have always eaten with our family. It’s one of the things I’ve always had. “, specifies La Verne.

Unsurprisingly, LaVerne was able to master the chicken and waffle recipes when his mom learned the recipe and told him. “When I saw my mom cooking and my family enjoying chicken and waffles when I stopped by my mom and dad’s house after church, we got together and cooked home cooking. You’ll enjoy it all, ”says La Verne.

After traveling several times to see her daughter Donna in Texas, the demand for Mama Laburn’s chicken and waffles has increased. After that, Laburn taught Donna the winning recipe. “It’s about telling it and making it a family heirloom, and that’s what I want to pass on from Donna to other generations,” Laburn said.

Donna further pointed out that the famous chicken and waffle recipes are all about being with the family. “You get together for this family meal and you deepen your bond. You can share traditions. You can create memories. We bring people to the table. I want to bring him back. Have more fun… I want to make this a tradition of bringing people together. Our main goal is to enrich relationships between people through soul nourishment. “

Cooking was not a natural interest for Donna, but as the chicken and waffle recipes were completed, she gradually became her mother’s sous chef. “I also started learning to cook other dishes with her (Mama Laburn). Now I can cook very well. When she comes back to Dallas, she takes the recipe I gave her! “Give said.

The partnership between Donna and Mama LavVerne took place when the pandemic occurred. “I loved the person who died last April… my mother was very sick. They thought she had the Covid, but she was suffering from severe bronchitis. Then I was injured… It has been over a year since I started to walk. You are going through a lot, and it is your faith in God that really comes through you. Every day, my mother and I, in this pain and this pain of the heart, God allowed us to create this new business, ”says Donna.

She continued. “During the pandemic, I packed the flour mixture in a ziplock bag and mailed it for my friends and family to prepare… For my friends in Dallas, I actually cooked my meal. and my place of love. It’s me. Outside the door they (friends) made a love car for a meal or I dropped a love meal. During the pandemic, this allowed us to do research. What we have done. We were able to create a business plan and place a partner. From packaging to spice companies. We had the best time to take this opportunity, but we have a family. I challenged everything with it. “

Donna and Mama La Verne faced considerable adversity, but recently successfully launched a new seasoning and blend on ShopRite. Fans started asking, “Why don’t you have Mama Laburn’s Chicken and Waffles?” And he (ShopRite President and CEO Jeff Brown) contacted me… he gave us a great opportunity. I’ll be back (in Philadelphia) on October 5th and doing more in store. We will also be sending Mom’s Love Meal to cook for the firefighters… it will be nationwide. “

Mama La Verne’s 2-in-1 Flour Mix and Chicken Seasonings can be used for fried fish, chicken and vegetables, baking and seasoning. A mouthwatering mix of waffles and panque is currently available at six stores in the ShopRite and Fresh Grocer Philadelphia franchises. “it’s

The dream of wrapping love and heritage in a package comes true. From our hearts to your home. Famous recipes have been around for decades, but this is just the start of MamaLa Verne. “We are a grocery chain and even

Retail like Walmart and Target. And we want to be able to sell our products in missionaries and military bases. “Donna explains.

“We are fighters. We stand on the shoulders of a phenomenal woman. We know this recipe shows strength. It illustrates courage and patience. We want to inspire others because you know how to harvest if we keep giving. i want people

To look at each other and think, “Wow, I can do this. “No matter your age or your situation, you have to have this idea to go there,” says Donna.

Mom Laburn’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is this: If you’ve got a passion, go for it. Please don’t give up. “

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