Male celebrity wardrobe malfunctions over the years: photos


When we think of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, we immediately think of famous women who have had panties or underwear flashes. But if you’ve paid attention to famous guys, you’ll see that they’ve had their fair share of fashion failures too!

These sartorial mishaps are a great reminder that even celebs don’t always look perfect, but what’s really unfortunate is the fact that they happen at the worst possible times – and in Public. For example, can you imagine your pants ripping all the way to the crotch while standing in front of thousands of people? Or have a giant slit in your pants when you’re surrounded by other celebrities on the red carpet?

Well, these stars understand that feeling all too well. But rather than being embarrassed, most of them seemed to take it in stride!

For example, Mario Lopez had the audacity to share a hilarious wardrobe malfunction with his followers on Twitter when the crotch of his gray suit tore while getting into his car to go to an event. Whoops ! Well, you can certainly expect that to happen when your pants are practically tight!

If a woman goes shirtless, it is considered nudity. If a man shows his bare chest, that’s absolutely okay. This leaves only one area of ​​the body where men can have wardrobe malfunctions.

For some guys like Orlando bloom, they were caught on their knees and showing off what is most sadly known as the Plumber’s Crack, allowing the crack in their behind to show above their belt. Other stars have been caught in the act at red carpet events, but crotch tears remain the most dreaded wardrobe disaster for male celebrities.

Toggle Lenny Kravitz letting the world know he becomes a commando when he was playing hard at a concert in Sweden. When he leaned down fully to his knees, the crotch of his pants opened wide and fully showed his private parts. But the always cool “Fly Away” singer continued his show as if nothing had happened!

Scroll through the photos to see which famous men have faced embarrassing fashion failures in public.

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