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“The Kardashians are back on screen after their wildly popular 20-season show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, ended in September 2020. Titled “The Kardashians,” the Hulu show recently held its Los Angeles premiere. with a star-studded red carpet.

And stealing all the spotlight was family and the ladies of the hour – Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian with momager Kris Jenner. They walked up the ramp dressed in their most glamorous.

Kim stole the show in a gray latex dress with a mermaid hemline and a thigh-high slit. The dress was designed by Thierry Mugler himself, who died last January.

Kourtney, on the other hand, went down a witchy route in an all-black ensemble with a risque cutout at the chest and a chunky train.

Khloé attended the premiere wearing a figure-hugging sand-colored satin corset dress. Her daughter was adorable by her side, wearing a pretty satin dress of the same color.

Kris Jenner shone the brightest in a hot pink ensemble with kimono sleeves, pink sandals and a bag with a statement necklace and chain link bracelets on both wrists.

“Actress and musician Shruti Haasan has an interesting sense of style and often even experiments with her signature looks. Often wearing black outfits, Shruti loves her dark lipsticks, spiked necklaces and all things punk. The actor also knows when to surprise his fans with a minimalist and elegant traditional outfit, and he did the same with his latest outfit.

Shruti, who was in Guwahati to celebrate Rongali Bihu with her boyfriend Shantanu Hazarika, dressed up for the event in a beautiful traditional black Assamese saree. It featured traditional patterns and she paired it with a long-sleeved black blouse with a neck tie.

She shared photos of her gorgeous outfit and captioned it, “An Evening in Guwahati.”

She styled the look with a beautiful polki hair band, traditional golden jhumkas, bracelets and rings. Her makeup was minimal with a lined smoky eye and bare lips, and she left her long, wavy hair open.

Celebrities are expected to be perfect all the time. Impossible beauty standards are set especially for female celebrities who are subject to strict scrutiny. But many actors are now speaking out against the pressures of perfectionism and sharing stories about the accepting themselves as they are, while emphasizing the importance of being comfortable in their own skin.

Recently, Malavika Mohanan took to Instagram to share an unfiltered selfie from a “day without filming” which she says is her “day-let-your-skin-breathe”. She also wrote a postscript, adding, “I had a very important shoot yesterday and this pimple decided to pop up as a revenge just 2 days before my shoot 🙄”

The lead actor also shared that she tries to eat healthy and exercise regularly as skin is a reflection of holistic health, and also shed some light on how actors are meant to look both front and back. off camera.

Mohanan candidly shared that the actors have a whole team helping them put their best foot forward “which may seem flawless, but in reality, it’s almost never perfect.”

“The Jallianwala Bagh massacre is one of the most significant events in the history of the subcontinent. Many people lost their lives on April 13, 1919, when General Reginald Edward Dyer ordered soldiers to open fire on the gathering. “Yet there are not many accounts of the event from the perspective of women,” said Pritika Chowdhry, an Indian artist, who pays homage to women’s accounts of traumatic events like the Jallianwala Bagh, the partition of India through her exhibition – Broken Column: The Monuments of Oblivion, exhibited at the Women Made Gallery in Chicago in the United States.

Ahead of April 13, 2022 – the 102nd anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and India’s 76th Independence Day – Chowdhry stressed that his aim is not to “speak for women” but to let his art installations experiential “to invite the spectators to testify, keeping the space for mourning, remembrance and repair”.

Chowdhry said, “As a postcolonial feminist artist, I create anti-memorials that center these counter-memories and counter-histories on the widespread sexual violence of the independence movements in all three countries”.

“Luxury fashion brand Chanel says it has stopped selling its luxury clothes, perfumes and other products to Russian customers abroad if they plan to bring the products home – a bold response to the invasion of Ukraine by Moscow which, according to some, goes too far.

This decision comes after the Parisian company closed its stores in Russia. Many businesses in all sectors ceased operations in the country in response to the war.

This extra step, Chanel said on Wednesday, is simply a case of compliance with trade sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union, Switzerland and others that prohibit dealings with named individuals.

“The most recent sanction laws of the EU and Switzerland include a prohibition on the “sale, supply, transfer or export, directly or indirectly, of luxury goods to any natural or legal person, entity or body in Russia or for use in Russia,” Chanel said in a statement.

These are products worth more than 300 euros ($328) – representing the majority of Chanel’s design output.

“Famous French textile artist Isabelle Moulin said that until now, Indian silk was only used as fabric for the people and there were not many exports.

Moulin on a ‘silk journey’ to India to explore the potential of weavers in places like Murshidabad for possible collaboration with major silk centers around the world, said Murshidabad can play a huge role as as an agent of change.

In conversation with PTI after a visit to Murshidabad, Moulin said, “Until now, Indian silk was only used as fabric for the people of India and few exports were made. Now, with the free market, I am sure that India will catch up in the use of silk in various sectors. With the evolution of products and climate change, we aim to find new ways to produce silk and protect the mulberry tree in the grip of climate change. »

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