Latest Safari Technology Preview Contains Updated Tab Bar Design


Apple on Wednesday released a new version of Safari Technology Preview with a handful of changes, including an updated tab bar that iterates over a division design first revealed with macOS Monterey.

Released to interested developers and end users through Apple’s Developer Portal, the latest version 128 of Safari Technology Preview features a modified tab bar that can be found below the address and search text entry field.

In the initial versions of the next-gen browser included in the early beta versions of macOS Monterey, the tabs have been moved to line up with the address bar and navigation controls. Apple put emphasis on a space-saving graphical interface, moving the page refresh and share buttons to a drop-down menu tucked away in each tab.

The changes were confusing to some testers, leading Apple to roll back some of the more drastic graphics changes to something closer to Safari’s current design. These tweaks were incorporated into last week’s macOS Monterey beta and are also offered in today’s Safari Technology Preview. Tab groups, a feature that helps users organize open tabs, is also included.

Those who prefer the condensed Safari interface can enable it in the app’s settings menu.

Today’s Safari technology preview also includes new features like live text, passwords in iCloud Keychain, and support for WebGL 2.

Safari Technology Preview 128 can be downloaded from the Apple Developers webpage.

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