Jessie Cave’s Heartbreaking Costume Fittings | Entertainment


Jessie Cave says she is terrified of fittings after a costume director suggests she needs to lose weight.

The 34-year-old actress declined to name the project, but admitted that the costume director’s actions hurt and upset her deeply when they grabbed her stomach to indicate the need to shed a few pounds.

She told The Observer: “It was just awful. And I laughed. You say to yourself, ‘Oh, you’re hurting me. Actually, it’s okay.’ That stuff stays with you. Now I go into the fit suit for any job and I’m terrified. I’m ready to be said something mean. You’re treated like a different kind of thing, you are not someone with feelings who has thought about what pants they are going to wear that day because they are going to be seen.

“Now when they’re nice to me and sensitive to how I may feel about my body, or whether I’m breastfeeding or whatever, I almost cry.

“I’ve definitely considered losing weight – and when I’ve lost weight, I tend to take a part of it. I mean, it’s not rocket science. But I eat healthy, I’m a woman of normal height, and I’m still considered, probably, a fat actress.

Jessie is best known for playing Lavender Brown in the “Harry Potter” movies, but admitted that she never felt like the right fit for the role.

She said: “I wasn’t a good fit for the industry at the time. Lavender Brown is conventionally pretty, no glasses, petite. By the time I went back to do the last movie, I had taken a little weight and I was not that person anymore. “


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