How to craft the cell phone in Terraria 1.4


The cell phone is one of the most complicated items to craft in Terraria. Here’s our full guide on how to find everything you need to do it.


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Making the cell phone in Terraria 1.4 is a mission. It is a very complicated item to assemble, requiring a multitude of different accessories, all combined at the DIY workshop. You should, in theory, be able to get everything you need after defeating Skeletron, but in reality you might have to wait a lot longer before you get all the different parts.

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Collect everything and store everything in an organized trunk. Letting your storage get out of hand is a time consuming setback in Terraria, especially when you’re digging around for that Depth Meter that you put in a safe somewhere long ago.

Each item you need to make the cell phone

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Here is a complete list of every item you need to make the cell phone.

  • 10 platinum or gold bars

  • Platinum or Gold watch

  • Chain

  • Depth counter

  • Compass

  • GPS

  • Ice mirror or magic mirror

  • Radar

  • DPS counter

  • Tally counter

  • Stopwatch

  • Life Form Analyzer

  • Metal detector

  • 3000 REK

  • Goblin technology

  • Stopwatch

  • PDA

We will explain below how to make each of the four main components (the GPS, the REK 3000, the Goblin Tech and the stopwatch).

How to craft GPS in Terraria 1.4

Terraria GPS

The GPS is made up of these parts:

  • Platinum or gold ingot – This ore should be easy to find in the Cave layer and below. You will have either Gold or Platinum in your world.
  • Chain – You can make chains with lead or iron bars, depending on the ore you have in your world.
  • Platinum or Gold watch – Combine 10 Gold or Platinum bars with a Chain to create their respective watch.
  • Depth counter – This item is dropped by cave bats, ice bats, jungle bats, spore bats, salamanders, giant seashells and crayfish. Due to the frequent spawn rate of jungle bats, you can easily farm the Depth Meter in the underground jungle.
  • Compass – The Compass is dropped by Giant Shellys, Salamanders, Crawdads, Piranhas, Mother Slimes, Snow Flinx, Undead Vikings and Armored Vikings. He has the highest drop percentage of Mother Slimes and Vikings, so the Cavern layer and below is a good area to farm this item.

To make the GPS, you just need to combine the watch, depth gauge and compass at the DIY workshop.

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How to craft the REK 3000 in Terraria 1.4

Terraria rek 3000

The REK 3000 is made with these elements:

  • Radar – A fairly easy to find item, you can pick up the radar from surface chests and chests from underground layers.
  • Tally counter – This item is dropped by Minions in the Dungeon, Angry Bones, Cursed Skulls, and Dark Throwers, which means you will need to have defeated Skeletron before accessing it.
  • Life Form Analyzer – Potentially one of the most frustrating items to get (unless you’re lucky) as it’s sold by the Traveling Merchant for five gold.

These items are then combined in the DIY workshop to make the REK 3000.

How to craft Goblin Tech in Terraria 1.4

Goblin Terraria Technology

All of these items are needed to craft Goblin Tech in Terraria 1.4:

  • DPS counter – Sold by the traveling merchant for five gold, like the lifeform analyzer. Buy it as soon as you see it, you don’t know when it will reappear.
  • Stopwatch – Sold by the traveling merchant for five gold pieces. Again, buy it whenever you see it appear in the merchant’s store.
  • Metal detector – This item is dropped by the Nymph, a fairly rare enemy of the Cave Layer. She can be difficult to find, as she appears as the Lost Girl’s NPC until she is approached by the player. Use a combination of hunter potions and lifeform analyzer to find her hidden in dark spots. It may be rare, but it still appears every now and then. Even if you find her, she only has a 50% chance to drop the Metal Detector, making this crafting component one of the hardest to obtain.

These items are then combined in the Handyman’s Workshop to craft Goblin Technology.

How to craft the fish finder in Terraria 1.4

Terraria Fish Finder

Oh, the fish finder. This item requires you to complete Fisherman Quests, each with a percentage chance to drop as a reward for completing quests. Here are the articles.

  • Fisherman’s pocket guide – Dropped by the fisherman after completing a fishing quest, with a drop rate of 1/30, or 33%. Yes, you may need to complete 30 quests before you see this reward.
  • Weather radio – Ditto again, abandoned by the fisherman for completing quests with a 33% chance of seeing it as a reward.
  • Sextant – Again, only dropped with a 33% chance after completing a Fisherman quest.

If you want to make the cell phone, you’re going to have to fish. Do you find it frustrating to complete fishing quests? Check out our full fishing guide for more information.

Assemble the cell phone

So you have:

  • GPS

  • 3000 REK

  • Goblin technology

  • Fish finder

All you have to do is combine these elements together to make the PDA.

Once you have the PDA, combine the PDA with a magic mirror or an ice mirror (you should have one lying around from the start of the game) and you will have the cell phone. Good work. You have crafted one of the most complicated items in Terraria.

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