Here Are The Worst Dressed Celebrities At VGMA 2022

There’s always pressure on our stars to break their record, dress to please their followers, share some style tips and think outside the box.

This involves taking risks when it comes to choosing the fabric type, fabric color and design to go perfectly with the hairstyle, shoe and bag set while considering the theme of the event.

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards are about the Ghanaian music industry.

For more than two decades, the awards have honored legends of the musical game in Ghana, motivated underground musicians to do more and sparked a host of controversies over who should own what. It was an interesting ride.

The show does however have an interesting side attraction which is the red carpet. For one night a year, guests and celebrities put on their A-game to kill. Things don’t usually go the way they should. Probably because of the fallacy of hasty exuberance that accompanies the quest to impress. Or maybe an error in judgment by the designers.

Notwithstanding, the red carpet looks will be noted. Not out of hate. Not for a deliberate attack. Just for the love of the game. Nobody says break the bank, but simplicity might provide the best life and looks in store.

While some celebrities have been applauded for their stunning looks on the red carpet, others have missed the mark.

Here are the worst dressed celebrities at the Vodafone Ghana Music Award 2022.

This game gets tough when someone who is the king of killers fails to impress.

The first question was like “what is John wearing?” and second “arrest the tailor”.

The fabric did not compliment it as it should. Sorry, ‘Mr. President’ but it’s time to go home…literally.

A good musician in every way. Fameye may have won Songwriter of the Year and deservedly so, but this look makes him one of the worst-dressed celebrities on the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet.

Shuga! Shuga! Shuga! What is that ? That nipple and sheer show on the upper part of the dress was unnecessary. He destroyed almost everything. Honestly, the red carpet has gone from such an outfit.

It was like Hajia was having a bad day. There’s always that dress that keeps you on edge, whether it’s looking good or looking bad. Her body is amazing but honestly, that’s it. And the makeup looked so bad.

Black Sharif did great work and deserved New Artist of the Year, but I guess there’s a reason this award wasn’t about fashion, it was about music. Because it would have been a lifelong dry spell based on this look.

  • Janet Offei (Erkuah official)

What is that? She looks like a hot mess. Who was she marrying?

Kuami’s outfit has so many unanswered questions.

Can there be a best-dressed Osebo? Her style becomes cliché and this one is no exception.

Was there a wedding reception at VGMAs23 that we weren’t aware of? It practically looked like a bridesmaid outfit, but not for the red carpet.

Gambo may have come up with his own theme because seeing the outfit confuses us.

Oh KK! Your songs have never left us but this outfit is terrible.

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