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Judge Masked Singer added: “I really appreciate the way it helps my head stay clear of negativity. It’s just a win-win in every way.” Davina, 54, is known for posting her bikini and gym photos on social media, but insists her motivation isn’t just to look good. She said, “If I feel like I’ve had a slobbery few weeks and gained a little weight or need to tone up, I’ll cut down on my calorie intake and get some exercise maybe. be a little stronger. (But) for me, exercising isn’t just for Christmas and New Years. “

“It’s not just about putting on a bikini. It’s about staying alive longer,” she says. In the latest issue of Women’s Health, the fitness guru also talks about bringing menopause into the public arena – and losing your inhibitions in your 50s.

Davina said: “It’s a time of release. It’s a time to let go of the shackles of inhibition and not give a damn. Because I haven’t always felt that way. I don’t care. really about what people think, which is very liberating. I’ve never met a more rowdy group of irreverent people than postmenopausal women. “

She highlighted an audience’s lack of knowledge in this year’s Channel 4 documentary, Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and The Menopause, where she discussed her own journey and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). She also joined other celebrities, including Penny Lancaster and Mariella Frostrup, at a rally in London to welcome more government support and reduce the costs of HRT.

Channel 4 has announced a follow-up, which will focus on menopause labor. She said: “With the success of the first one]and then the outpouring of people who just don’t have enough information, I realized that there was still so much information to give. a platform that I can use to get the message out there. “

The full interview is in the January / February issue of Women’s Health UK tomorrow

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