Google revamps UI design for Duo


After recently introducing major updates to “Meet”, Google has revamped the UI design of its “Duo” mobile video chat application. If you are a tech buff who continually searches for tech news, you should be aware that Google is constantly updating its services with new features these days. and now it’s its ‘Duo’ video chat app that has undergone a major user interface overhaul.

Mashable learned from a report by XDADevelopers that the app’s home screen is now going to be different, with a number of buttons and features becoming much easier to access. The new design introduces a new feature called the “New Call” button positioned on the home screen, which will make it easier to start a new call, create a group, view groups and contact lists.

As part of the redesign, the “New call” button will allow users to create new groups. For strangers, previously it had its own button on the home screen and now existing groups and contacts will be discoverable from the search bar or the new button. In addition, important features will now be accessible from a single button, which will make the interface of the app easier to use, according to Mashable India.

Earlier reports also hinted at Google’s plan to completely replace Duo with Google Meet. But the tech giant has yet to confirm such developments. (ANI)

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