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Posted: Posted Date – 5:58 PM, Thu – Jun 2, 22

Hyderabad: When Junaid Shaikh arrived in Hyderabad from Mumbai, he had no idea that he would train some of the tinsel city’s biggest celebrities like Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Akhil Akkineni. The fitness trainer has over eight years of experience in the field and has also worked as an assistant fitness trainer for Bollywood biggies Hrithik Roshan during his film War and Ranveer Singh during Padmaavat and Gully Boy.

Junaid is the trainer behind Akhil’s muscular look in his upcoming film Agent. “My gym partner Hercules,” actor Junaid called. The fitness expert frequently features in Samantha’s workout videos on Instagram. “I’ve been training Samantha for the past 10 months and she’s a superwoman who is always fired up. I’ve been training Akhil for almost a year and a half and completely transformed him from a chocolate boy to a guy muscular. When you watch him in Agent, it’ll be like he’s reborn. I’m also training fashion designer Shilpa Reddy and her family,” Junaid shared of her clientele.

Junaid is an engineer turned gym trainer and says fitness and athletics have been his passion since his school days. The 29-year-old says: “People think fitness is about having abs or doing triathlons, but they’re missing the point. If you can wake up every morning and do some physical activity like walking, running, biking, or playing badminton, that’s fitness. If you don’t like going to the gym, you don’t have to force yourself. The goal is to not live a sedentary life for 10-15 years and let your body rust. Basic workouts work better than any fancy experiments.

How is it different from training celebrities? “They’re human too, but just more athletic than regular people. They do a lot of action sequences in movies, so they’re already pretty fit compared to, say, IT pros. However, the difference is in the time they can give. While an IT pro can dedicate an hour and a half to training every day, celebrities can’t due to their busy filming schedules. Even though they can give 20 minutes, I have to do what’s best for them and figure out what exactly their goal is,” Junaid said.

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