Fashion takeaways from the 2022 Grammys

There’s no doubt that fashion has gone on a dry ride during two years of the pandemic. Meanwhile, celebrities have also lost one of their key image projection tools. So the Oscars and Grammys, which have returned to their near-normal avatars, were expected to set the grammar for a post-pandemic social calendar. What has emerged however is individual expression, which has been curbed by masked discipline over the past two years, and playful indulgence after a prolonged period of denial.

In terms of color themes, conventional black and white reigned with a generous return of pink and other colors featuring cameras. Significantly, black sets largely held to classic discipline with twists that stayed within bounds. Lady Gaga, who has been shockingly edgy in her public appearances so far, was elegance personified as she wrapped herself in a black Armani dress with a bellowing white train and a crown of Tiffany diamonds around her neck as the only embellishment.

Olivia Rodrigo, who won three top honors, opted for a streamlined black dress by Vivienne Westwood, complete with a choker and long gloves, fit for an old-world night at the opera. But it was the pink highlights of her dress that accentuated her shape, and the choker that showed how even young people could wear tradition with modernity and originality.

Dua Lipa opted for a sheer and gold Versace bondage dress for throwback effect, but the leather-strapped bustier effect tapered off in a classic dress, softening the dominatrix look to that of an enchantress. Billie Eilish opted for a black suit jacket in the form of a freezing cape with her Vegas look of elaborate hair and square sunglasses. Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile revived conventional black pants by sprucing them up with an embossed crystal jacket.

But it took Lenny Kravitz to rescue the rockstar power of black again, hitting the nail on the head with a potent combination of silver mesh tank top, leather pants and black knee-high boots.

The two-time nominee Saweetie daringly broke her bright pink number into two distinct pieces with her blonde pixie cut and monotony-breaking diamond choker. Chrissy Teigen and St Vincent relied on the tried and tested experience, speaking through pink ruffles.

Men who got bold with pink included Travis Barker, who showed up in a dressing gown. Billy Porter donned a ruffled piece from Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, unequivocally defining the color of the season, regardless of gender and preference.

Perhaps in keeping with the Vegas theme, there were plenty of bling and disco highlights on the screen. Tiffany Haddish wrapped up in a gold sequined Prada gown with Lil Nas bringing back the studded and encrusted suits as a stage favorite. Giveon effortlessly reinterpreted a black tweed Chanel suit that added drama with pink buttons and layers of bling. But it took SZA to bring the springtime splendor into full play with a corseted tulle piece adorned with elaborate silk flowers and a wispy trail.

Surprisingly, it was the young heroes of the cult who remained in the grammar. The hugely popular BTS members opted for Louis Vuitton suits, crossing the spectrum between gray and black, while Justin Bieber donned an oversized suit, adding a touch of style by wearing a pink beanie. Perhaps they will revive classicism in the future.

Of course, there was an array of hats, bright hair and nail colors, yellow, orange and purple outfits, animal prints and spiked jumpsuits. But then what’s behind the scenes without a costume drama? Adventurism was limited to sporadic bursts of color, bling and a retro pantomime vibe, but ultimately it was more about individual expression and reclaiming personal space than creating a tendency.

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