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Velvet is often associated with greatness and is worn on special occasions. Its impeccable shine places its value higher than it can be in reality. All over the world, it is used in the creation of designer clothes, elaborate evening dresses, suits and tuxedos, and has recently been included in sportswear.

The fabric almost has the feel of fur, and that’s because it’s made by placing many threads together in a row. Sometimes the threads are not all the same length and this creates a nice effect. The fabric is mounted on a double loom and two layers of fibers are inserted into it. These threads can be silk or cotton depending on the quality of the fabric. They are even made of synthetic fibers, if they are to be used as upholstery.

Velvet is also used in upholstery Image Credit: Photo by Unsplash

It is believed that the idea of ​​creating velvet originated from China or the Middle East. In these countries he was associated with royalty. During the Renaissance, and through its trade via the Silk Road, it gained popularity in Europe. Velvet is now considered the fabric that members of the royal family still wear during official ceremonies. Since then, it is a very expensive fabric, and no matter who wears it or how, it carries with it a certain grace and elegance.

Another fabric called Velor is often confused with Velvet. Velvet is knitted together while velvet is hand woven. Velvet them elegant but widely used. Many celebrities have launched their own lines and most are velvet.

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