Fashion designer Vera Wang – The fairy godmother every bride wants

Vera Wang is synonymous with wedding dresses. His influence extends far beyond the elite fashion circles of New York, Paris, London and Milan. But what is Vera Wang’s success story? If you don’t know who she is, I’ll take that as confirmation that you don’t care about fashion and successful women.

It’s impossible to avoid hearing about fashion designer Vera Wang if you’ve ever heard of a celebrity wedding. Her wedding dresses have been praised for making women feel both empowered and ethereal.

So how did a 40-year-old woman go from fashion editor to wedding dress designer, and a successful one at that? Read on to find out how this 72-year-old shows us that age is just a number, and has no place in your dreams.

The 72-year-old designer demonstrates timeless fashion and work ethic. ((Image credit –

Who is Vera Wang

The answer to the question, who is Vera Wang, is constantly evolving.

Fashion designer Vera Wang initially aspired to become a figure skater. The child of Chinese immigrants, she started figure skating at age eight, but failed to make the U.S. Olympic team. Not one to mope, she decided to enter the fashion industry. Immediately after graduation, she was hired by vogue as a fashion editor.

She credits her interest in fashion to her mother, who she says was a “standard”.

After 17 years at Vogue, she left the magazine in 1987, after losing to Anna Wintour for the job of editor. She then joined Ralph Lauren for two years.

The success story of Vera Wang

Just shy of her 40and birthday, Vera Wang struggled to find a wedding dress to her liking. Her father highlighted her struggles for what they really were – a remarkable business opportunity. She ended up designing her own wedding dress and found a seamstress to tailor it for her.

Although skeptical, Vera Wang resigned from Ralph Lauren and took her father’s help to start her own business. He offered her $4 million to open a boutique and encouraged her to create her own space in the market. She rented a boutique in New York, and the Vera Wang Bridal House was born in 1990. In her boutique, she catered to celebrities and socialites. She soon began adding her own designs to her store’s high-end designer collections. The small boutique was the beginning of Vera Wang’s success story.

So how did Vera Wang become famous? By proving his courage, what is it.

Wang’s designs found favor with customers and soon many began asking him for bespoke pieces. In the meantime, she has expanded her clothing line to include cocktail dresses, blazers and minis. Vera Wang clothing has quickly become a staple for fashionistas. During this time she vogue connection helped propel her into the limelight. The fashion magazine devoted six pages to her bridal home, showcasing her designs, which have brought brides to her doorstep. Soon her designs were coveted by the who’s who of the fashion industry, establishing her brand.

achievements of vera wang

Wang’s designs are popular around the world, from red carpets to weddings. (Image credit –

Fashion designer Vera Wang was no longer a mythical concept. She was popular, unique and coveted for her sophisticated yet timeless designs.

The bridal line grew by leaps and bounds, as did Vera Wang’s accomplishments. She then opened boutiques in international locations, including Tokyo, Sydney and London. Entrepreneur Vera Wang began appearing on lists of self-made millionaires. It has expanded its collections to cover perfumes, eyewear, footwear and jewelry. His brand has been immortalized on TV shows and added to the must-have lists of the ultra-rich. Wang also collaborates with mainstream brands such as Kohl’s, David’s Bridal and Zales.

Vera Wang’s success story is an inspiration to women everywhere as she shows us how to defy age and expectations. She admits that she has sometimes questioned her choices, including starting a bridal line without prior business experience, but she also says it brings her much more joy than she imagined.

Ultimately, fashion designer Vera Wang is a tireless force who believes that as long as she continues to learn, she can continue to work on her one true passion: fashion.

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