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Ed Sheeran says becoming a father prompted him to “detox” his life and adopt a “life of its own” after years of junk food frenzy.

The “Bad Habits” hitmaker and his wife Cherry Seaborn welcomed their daughter Lyra into the world in August of last year, and said becoming a father gave him the motivation to get rid of the junk food he had lived on for years. years.

He said: “Since becoming a dad, I have become quite clean. But I think actually taking time off and not being on tour was the worst thing for my health because I was drinking every day.

“I quit three months before Lyra was born because I was determined to be the person to get my wife to the hospital. I was 15 and a half at my peak and I think I’m ten and a half now – I was fat, it really showed. I had a waistline of 36 – now I’m only 28. ”

Ed also admitted that he knew “why” he was overweight and that he still loved all the foods he liked to make fun of – although he now does so in moderation.

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He added, “I always knew I was tall, but I also knew why I was tall – I loved the chicken wings, the wine, the beer, and I never exercised.

“I always do all the things I love. I drank wine yesterday; I just haven’t had two bottles of it. I never want to “stop” anything either. Because I feel like if you totally try to stop something at some point, you’ll probably end up trying to binge again.

The 30-year-old singer said the “penny fell” on his need to change her diet when his wife was pregnant.

He told The Sun newspaper: “It was when Cherry was pregnant that the penny dropped. Lyra has been the biggest detox motivator of my life, and I think it’s a change that everyone has to go through if they’re a parent.

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