Create well-being, not just wealth

When I’m in the United States, when I ask them, “Why don’t you meditate?” the common response everywhere is, “But we have to pay bills.” I tell them, “Why are you generating so many invoices? If your whole life is about paying bills, why generate those pesky bills? You can restrict yourself and live more comfortably, can’t you? To pay all those bills, you work endlessly. For what purpose?” “No, the whole society does it.” It doesn’t matter. where you’re comfortable. You’re not trying to do what someone else is doing. That’s the wrong way to approach life.

When it comes to external situations, no human being has the same level of ability. We have to decide how much outer activity or inner well-being or social well-being would keep our life balanced without ruining ourselves and the atmosphere around us. Unfortunately, this intelligence is lacking in the world. We’re just going creeping. The way we are going is insane because the lifestyle the world has chosen is simply not sustainable. It can only crash and we will have to learn the lesson the hard way. Either we correct this ourselves, or nature will correct it very cruelly. The choice we have is to live sensibly or foolishly. The choice is not a matter of wealth and poverty. The choice is between expressing our needs and finding fulfillment meaningfully or blatantly.

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