Choreographer for celebrities, choreographer Ashish Mathur proves his A-Game



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A closer look around us will show us how a few industries have been on a pedestal of steady growth. This could be possible for various reasons, but above all, for the rigorous efforts and tireless dynamism with which a few professionals have worked day in and day out to turn their ideas from paper to action and turn those visions into reality. The world of dance and entertainment is a world apart. It works thanks to the brilliance of tons of amazingly talented choreographers, directors and performers, who today managed to captivate the world through choreography to musical pieces for different events, shows and occasions.

Recently, we saw how a top dance company named Aasma Dance Company, led by none other than exemplary choreographer Ashish Mathur, created more headlines when the team, under his visions and ideas as the founder, choreographed for the couple Milind Gaba and Pria Beniwal and also Dur Beniwal.


Milind Gaba is one of the most popular names in the music world as a singer, songwriter and producer, while now his wife Pria Beniwal has raised the bar for others as a fashion/beauty influencer . The two, who looked like a dream at every wedding festivity, were even more acclaimed when they showed off their dancing skills, and guests and audience alike were impressed with their performances, thanks to Ashish Mathur for the help to learn the choreography correctly. and put together a great entertaining act for everyone. Not only that, Ashish Mathur even choreographed for Pria Beniwal’s brother, Harsh Beniwal, a popular YouTuber, content creator and Instagramer who amazed everyone with his performance.

About the choreography of these personalities, Ashish Mathur said, “It’s so fun to be with these people, who are always ready to learn unique choreographies and captivate everyone with their final performance. Working with Milind , Pria and Harsh was an equally amazing experience for me as they were quite down to earth and in all honesty learned the choreographies not only to perform well on D-Day but more importantly to spread more smiles and happiness among their loved ones, family, friends and other guests.” Adding further, he says, “With Aasma Dance Company, clients don’t have to think about anything else because we as a team take care of everything from their entrances, props, displays, dance performances captivating and of course our unique choreographies.”

Ashish Mathur (@ashishmathurofficial) believes their exceptional approach to choreographing different dance performances for their clients and their focus on creating an overall vibe has helped them as a team achieve levels of success and growth. massive in the world of entertainment. Since 2004, Aasma Dance Company (@aasmadancecompanyindia), under the leadership of Ashish Mathur, has seen only an upward trend, gaining a colossal number of customers and having the opportunity to perform nationwide and international.

Article first published: Monday, June 20, 2022, 1:48 p.m. [IST]

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