Celebrities With Perfect Assholes Within 30 Minutes Of Dorset

Dorset is a beautiful place to live, but let’s be honest – there are some beautiful places just beyond its borders too. These celebrities certainly think so, as they have homes just thirty minutes or less from the edge of the county.

Some are the family homes where they grew up. Others are secluded second homes bought with the proceeds of their success, where they can escape lights and cameras for some Dorset-adjacent downtime.

Scroll down to find out which six celebrities have made this part of the world their own private paradise. They include TV presenters, Hollywood actors and world famous musicians.

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Lady Esther Rantzen

The TV journalist and founder of ChildLine had a cottage tucked away in the New Forest for years, but spent most of her time working in London. She has remained busy founding another charity, SilverLine, providing advice and companionship to older people – as well as presenting Hearts of Gold, Watchdog, Esther and more.

But during the pandemic, she retreated full-time to the six-bedroom hideaway, selling her London home and turning her back on the capital for good.

Chris Packham

The wildlife-loving TV presenter was born in Southampton but grew up in the New Forest and has a home there to this day. His cottage is hidden somewhere in this ancient landscape, a stone’s throw from Dorset, although its exact location is a closely guarded secret.

He lives with his partner Charlotte Corney, owner of the Isle of Wight Zoo. They have two poodles Sid and Nancy (named after the Sex Pistols bassist and his girlfriend).

Deborah Meaden

Born in Somerset, the Dragon’s Den star worked as a model before moving to Italy and starting a glassware export business. When that failed, Deb returned to the UK to start several successful businesses, one of which she sold for £19million.

She now has a home in the Somerset Levels, not far from where she grew up. And it’s not very far from the North West Dorset borders.

Kevin McCloud

The Grand Designs presenter has a beautiful property of his own not far from Dorset. The house is near the Somerset town of Frome.

The property is a converted 15th century farmhouse, but no one knows what it looks like – the TV presenter has been very careful not to let his house become public property. “The more of your private life you put in the public domain, the smaller your private life becomes,” he told the Daily Mail in 2010.

Johnny Depp…?

This one needs the question mark, because the rumors that the Hollywood A-lister has multiple homes in neighboring Somerset are just that – rumors. But it’s not a stretch to imagine the Pirates of the Caribbean star has homes near here, as everyone knows the swordsmen all had West Country accents…


In 1990, this singer, musician and actor set up shop – and an organic farm – with his wife Trudie Styler on a Grade II listed estate in Lake House, Wilsford cum Lake. Unlike Kevin McCloud, they welcomed curious curious people into their home via the The Lake House Cookbookwhich contains photos of the Elizabethan mansion.

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