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Celebrities are known to brag about their wealth on exotic vehicles such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris or McLarens. We’re used to seeing the cars of the rich and famous splashed around in the media, whether they’re cruising around Los Angeles in a convertible Ferrari or zipping through the streets of Knightsbridge in a Porsche.

However, some celebrities also like to keep it simple. As easy as driving a Toyota Prius like the average Joe. If you don’t already know, here are some celebrities who aren’t afraid to pledge their allegiance to the planet on their daily commute.

Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling is not only one of the coolest guys in Hollywood, but he also cares about Mother Nature if his car choice is anything to go by. Gosling likes to take long drives in his US$40,000 ($54,000) Toyota Prius hybrid, a far cry from the beautiful vintage cars he drove in his iconic roles in The Notebook and award-winning La La Land. Oscar.

The Hollywood idol doesn’t even have a car collection and prefers his Prius to get around his day. If he wasn’t driving, Eva Mendes’ husband would opt for his motorbike when looking for something adrenaline pumping. Like his character in Beyond The Pines, Gosling loves horseback riding and even did several of his own stunts in the film.

Jessica Alba


Known for her turns in movies like Fantastic Four and Entourage, the famous American actress is also a proud Prius owner. In addition to having appeared on the cover of numerous magazines and winning titles such as “Sexiest Woman Alive”, she is also the founder of a company that produces and sells non-toxic home products. .

His decision to buy the Prius might have to do with his eco-friendly attitude. Beautiful and eco-conscious Alba puts her money where her mouth is in her choice of cars. While most movie stars who earn millions of dollars every year drive exotic luxury SUVs, Jessica Alba rocks a Toyota Prius.

Leonardo DiCaprio


You know him for his roles in blockbuster hits like The Great Gatsby, Titanic, and Shutter Island. What you might not know, however, is that Leonardo DiCaprio is also a notorious penny pincher.

He’s known for making calculated purchases and only splurging when it’s something that really matters to him. Oh, and did we mention he also drives a Prius? This makes sense on many levels for DiCaprio. In addition to fuel savings, the Prius is also an extremely affordable car.

DiCaprio would undoubtedly be listed among the owners of Prius and their celebrity cars, as a leading man and a leading voice in the fight against global warming. The blond, blue-eyed Hollywood sex symbol has received numerous awards for his environmental efforts. Creation? We think not.

Cameron Diaz


Over the years, Cameron Diaz has played an array of roles in iconic movies. Some of them you could have seen coming, but I bet you didn’t make it with this. This Oscar winner was one of the first celebrities to get her Toyota Prius when it launched in America.

Although she is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, Diaz lives a very simple life. You’ll never see her in fancy clothes unless it’s a red carpet event.

In addition to driving an eco-friendly Prius, Cameron is an environmental hero and leads a sustainable lifestyle with minimal lighting and has implemented energy-efficient home systems and furnishings. No wonder she’s considered one of Charlie’s Angels.

bradley cooper


Not what you expected? We neither. Bradley is another environmentalist, while his motorcycle collection doesn’t care about our nature, the Prius certainly does.

The Silver Linings actor is doing his part by owning the Japanese green car. You already know that this model is one of the best-selling in the world, so maybe that’s part of the appeal it has for Bradley.

Miley Cyrus


It’s common for celebrities to make headlines when they pledge to become environmentalists. However, for Miley Cyrus, it’s different. The ‘Hannah Montana’ starlet was once spotted parking her black Prius in a handicap parking lot while grabbing a milkshake from LA’s ‘Millions of Milkshakes’ with her boyfriend and swimsuit model Justin Gaston.

We’re pretty clear that fit young women shouldn’t park their cars in handicapped spaces unless they’re, in fact, you know…disabled. Cyrus first received his Prius as a birthday present from singer-songwriter Billy Ray Cyrus’ father on his 16th birthday. The best of both worlds perhaps?

It’s clear that no matter how big some stars are, they’ll still see the world economically by opting for a Toyota. These famous actors are obviously attached to Mother Earth and prove it with their Prius.

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