BTS’s ‘Permission To Dance’ Video Was Larger In Korea Than 24 Most Viewed Videos Combined


BTS’s clips consistently rank as the most successful, and every time they share a new visual with their huge fan base, it instantly becomes a huge win for the group on YouTube. Now that their latest “Permission to Dance” visual has been out for over seven full days, the colorful clip appears on nearly every weekly chart on the platform, and it has reached a large following in just about every country that looks like it. follow these views.


Unsurprisingly, “Permission to Dance” is the best in South Korea, the group’s home country, at least when comparing the video’s total plays to all the other items on the list of most-watched treatments. the week.

“Permission to Dance” debuted at No. 1 on Weekly YouTube ranking of the most watched clips in South Korea for the follow-up period that ran from July 9 to 15, and it wasn’t even close. BTS’s uplifting music video opens with 9.6 million coins, a huge sum in the country for any act. To put that number into perspective, just one other version got a million clicks in the same frame.

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In fact, “Permission to Dance” was so popular in South Korea upon arrival that it topped not only the next track, or the rest of the top 10, but the next 24 greatest videos combined. This means that when added up, the number of views over the past week of downloads that fall from # 2 to # 25 on YouTube’s country rankings does not reach the 9.6 million figure. of BTS managed with just one of their visuals.

Surprisingly, BTS appears in the top 25 of this ranking seven times, including with its new champion “Permission to Dance”. The band goes to # 2 with the previous leader “Butter”, their first English smash “Dynamite” goes to # 7 (back to top 10) and several live performances and interpretations of “Butter” are also found somewhere. inside the top quarter of the count.

“Permission to Dance” performed well all over YouTube, as it also arrives as the # 1 music video in the world, with 152 million plays in its first week. The download also generated over 72 million views in its first 24 hours on the platform, which is enough to give it one of the 10 biggest single-day debuts in the site’s history.

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