BTS Member V Is A Fashion Icon When It Comes To Dressing Up For A Special Occasion

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BTS’ V, better known as Kim Tae-Hyung, has a divinely chiseled face and body. When you combine her exceptional fashion sense with her endearing facial expressions, you have a legendary fashion icon. Because of his passion for Gucci clothes and accessories, he was nicknamed the “Gucci boy”.

V is an artist who constantly creates new works of art in his own distinct style, which is reflected in his clothes. He has been known to customize much of the clothing he buys, including using spray paint. Even the most basic of clothes can be turned into a sartorial genius due to her sense of style and layering.

V will always have a suit to wear, whatever the occasion. Although the other members are dressed casually, Kim Tae-Hyung is dressed in a three-piece suit. V arrived and trained in costume even through choreography videos for their songs. His passion for costumes knows no bounds, so it’s a staple in any wardrobe if you want to dress like him.

V’s favorite things are prints and colors. He wears a colorful printed shirt when not wearing a suit, which makes him the center of attention. In several instances, he was seen sporting a blue floral Hawaiian shirt. He even wore it on a trip to Hawaii with J-Hope and to dinner with musician and jazz fan Jon Batiste, which was revealed on his Instagram.

V is a big fan of accessories and he always adds rings, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses and even brooches to his outfits. His preference for scarves or ties, on the other hand, will always take precedence over any other item. Tae-hyung was photographed with tissues rolled up on his arm, microphone, neck, and even his belt. He spends the winters wrapped up in a large woolen scarf that he wears with his clothes. He has a large collection of ties and likes to wear them with a variety of formal wear.

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