Brooklyn Beckham’s career choices – from teenage barista to fashion photographer to chef

It must be difficult growing up in the shadow of famous parents – with the expectation of following in their footsteps and recreating their success while maturing in the public eye.

It’s a tale as old as time – famous parents create even more famous children with the likes of Liza Minnelli, Kate Hudson and Miley Cyrus carving out successful careers when they had famous parents.

But where others have found success as the offspring of celebrities, Brooklyn Beckham has apparently struggled to find his niche – enjoying flirtations with his parents’ careers but failing to stick or excel at what whether it be.

As the eldest son of pop singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham and footballer-turned-model David, Brooklyn has literally had the world at his feet and opportunities galore – but real success keeps hinting at him.

Here’s a look at the different careers Brooklyn has attempted over the years – as he prepares to focus on family life by marrying Hollywood star and billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz this weekend.

Brooklyn Beckham enjoyed a series of careers during his privileged life




As the son of a Spice Girl and an English footballing legend, Brooklyn was born into wealth and privilege in March 1999 – with his family estimated at £360m by 2020.

As he prepares to get married to earn even more money – fiancée Nicola, 27, is the daughter of American businessman Nelson Peltz who is worth $1.7 billion (1, £3billion) – one of Brooklyn’s first jobs was as a lowly barista.

The celeb offspring was making cappuccinos and lattes at a cafe as he made his first foray into the working world in 2015.

But even if he saved every penny he earned, he is unlikely to amass his own millionaire fortune from the job – as he would have been on a wage of just £2.68 an hour.

Brooklyn has a short-lived experience as a footballer




Children of footballers often find themselves pushed into the studded footsteps of their fathers – with Jamie Redknapp an example of being a son who followed his father, Harry Redknapp, into the world of sport.

David Beckham was one of the best players in the world – and was a member of teams such as Man United and Real Madrid, while representing England.

Brooklyn briefly played for Arsenal’s youth team – but was kicked out in 2015 after failing to receive a scholarship to stay on at the academy.

In an interview at the time, disappointed father David revealed that Brooklyn then turned his back on the sport, telling ABC, “The other day one of my boys turned to me and said: ‘Dad, I’m not sure I want to play football all the time. It kinda broke my heart.

“He said, ‘Every time I step on the pitch I know people say, ‘He’s David Beckham’s son’, and if I’m not as good as you then that’s not enough. Well.”

Brooklyn has landed a million pound contract with Superdry


Dave Benett/Getty Images for Sup)


While Brooklyn may have failed as a footballer, he easily entered into both parents’ backup careers by becoming a part-time model.

Over the years, the star has appeared in editorials and on the covers of numerous fashion magazines, including Vogue China, Interview and the New York Times Style Magazine.

Last year he stunned fans when it was announced he had been paid £1million as part of a deal with highstreet label Superdry.

He is said to be signed up with a modeling agency – and also has a wider agency deal with Hollywood power company CAA.

Brooklyn appeared in The Vamps music video in 2015 for their song Wake Up



romper music

While Victoria Beckham found success as the fifth of the Spice Girls – before embarking on a failed bid to become a solo artist – eldest son Brooklyn hasn’t quite thrown himself into the pop world.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s completely avoided this lucrative industry.

In 2015, he teamed up with chart-topping band The Vamps – whose members include I’m A Celeb star James McVey and recent Dancing On Ice contestant Conor Ball – to steal the show in the music video for their song, Wake Up.

Brooklyn appears in the video and performs a few parkour moves – and his inclusion in the video leads many to believe he might be trying to break into the acting world.

Brooklyn photography book What I See failed to impress




There’s been a lot of talk about Brooklyn’s photography skills, mostly how bad they are.

The star has taken advantage of some of the most high-profile avenues to gain experience in photography, first as an assistant to famed fashion photographer Rankin and also as a student at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York.

However, his assistant career was hampered by reports that the crew who regularly worked with Rankin could not believe how incapable he was, and his time at Parsons was cut short when he dropped out.

He published a book of his photographs called What I See in 2017, which was universally panned by critics and struggled to sell copies – and he sparked a furious backlash when he landed a deal to photograph a campaign for Burberry BRIT perfume.

Renowned British photographer Chris Floyd called Burberry’s decision to hire the then-teen a “devaluation of photography” and “pure nepotism”.

While fellow fashion photographer Jon Gorrigan criticized Brooklyn’s hiring as an “injustice”.

Brooklyn landed a job shooting behind-the-scenes photos of Nicola Peltz on her movie, Lola


Instagram/ @brooklynbeckham)

EPK Producer

Although there have been rumors that Brooklyn may be trying to break into the acting world, he has certainly managed to move closer to Hollywood due to his relationship with his future wife Nicola – who starred in the films Transformers and hit a horror thriller TV show. Bates Motel.

Within the television and film industry, there is a sub-industry called EPK – in which documentary-style photographers and videographers are hired to capture behind-the-scenes action which is often then used for DVD and digital extras .

In another example of blatant nepotism, as Chris Floyd would say, Brooklyn managed to land a behind-the-scenes EPK job on a film called Lola – which happens to star a certain Nicola Peltz, who is also directing the independent film. .

A rather optimistic-sounding source told the Mirror last year: “Brooklyn and Nicola are a very creative couple and Brooklyn has a knack for capturing moments in pictures.

“Nicola is going to have a lot to do and we think he is working to document this new adventure.”

Brooklyn’s cooking skills have been swept away from all sides


Cooking with Brooklyn)


Brooklyn’s latest lucrative business – or, more accurately; burning money – the plan is to reinvent himself as a celebrity chef.

For months, the hapless indie star shared high-calorie recipes via her social media skills and her teasing resulted in her first online cooking show being aired via social media.

But the star was once again ridiculed for his culinary exploits as he debuted in eight minutes watching him make a sandwich – when the cost of production reportedly reached a stomach of $100,000 (£77,000).

Viewers were also stunned when Brooklyn could be seen struggling to figure out how to bake a hash brown and was also unimpressed when he just piled a number of ingredients into a bagel. .

In an interview with the Evening Standard last year, Brooklyn hinted that cooking was her future.

Reviewing his varied career so far, he said: “I started out playing football and I love it, then I turned to photography, which I’m still in love with and now I’m doing photography. kitchen.

“I’ve always liked to try new dishes, even if sometimes it’s not very good. I remember trying jellied eels because I’ve always liked the pie and mash – and I didn’t like them at all.

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