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Needing a stylist for important red carpet events is a justifiable expense. A big part of needing a stylist for your vacation outfits seems like a “celebrity only” expense. With more and more Bollywood celebrities going on vacation recently, the phenomenon of pre-picked looks by stylists is on the rise.

Take Ananya Panday, for example. For her vacation in the Maldives, she wore an orange plaid bikini set from Peony Swimwear. The look was created by popular Bollywood stylist Tanya Ghavri and photographer Rohan Srestha was hired to document the vacation.

We’re starting to wonder if our Bollywood fashion icons themselves know a lot about fashion without their stylists!

Credit: Instagram / AnanyaPanday

Wise money or a stupid book?

Most of the celebrities in the industry usually have their own stylists. From Deepika Padukone to Janhvi Kapoor, each of them has a specific person who takes care of their outfits on a daily basis. Naturally, they are on their payroll for the long hours and untimely schedules. Even when the celebrity is on vacation, there is no day off for their stylists, just because a celebrity’s schedule is planned so far in advance.

Credit: Instagram / SpaceMuffin27

With the vacation and rest looks, the pressure to look glamorous can be easily taken away. This greatly reduces the pressure on stylists to search for designer exclusives. Wearing a simple graphic T-shirt with jeans for a dubbing session at Bandra seems like an appropriate look.

However, do celebrities really need a person to select each of their outfits or is this a perk that most celebrities have grown used to?

A new trend in the making?

The trend seems to be growing in a bigger way with the latest batch of Gen-Z newbies. Janhvi Kapoor also went for some organized beach looks for her Maldives filming vacation earlier this year. Younger sister Khushi, who hasn’t even bagged her first film yet, is already styled by Meagan Concessio, Janhvi’s stylist.

Credit: Instagram / SpaceMuffin27

Credit: Instagram / SpaceMuffin27

Such vacation photos only set unhealthy standards for the rest of us. With specially chosen outfits and photos edited several times, we are led to believe that the whole affair is natural and straightforward. If the current battle between Bollywood celebrities is who is more relevant, such stylized vacation photos must go!

What do you think of such perfect outfits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Main image credit: Instagram / SpaceMuffin27 + Ananya Panday

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