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Beijing’s crackdown on its entertainment industry includes restricting vacancies. – Photo via Instagram

KUALA LUMPUR, September 7 – Beijing’s crackdown on its entertainment industry has now extended to the “unhealthy lifestyles” of celebrities.

Today reported that the latest move involves celebrity posts on Weibo which will be severely restricted.

China’s Cyberspace Administration reportedly recently invited 50 popular artists and their respective teams to a symposium to brief them on new policies.

While these policies have not yet been made public, the list of prohibited content includes diet plans, advice on how to pose in photos, and extreme demagoguery, such as participating in the “Manhua Waist Challenge” or showing off. his excessive weight loss. .

The positions set up on public holidays are also subject to restrictions.

Selfies and landscape photos cannot be uploaded immediately on the same day.

Artists will only be allowed to share content that “shows their personal strengths [and] business acumen”.

Posts promoting dramas or movies they are involved in should also be “project based” and “irrelevant content” should not be included.

Authorities hope celebrities will be “low key” in everything they do, and violating these rules could result in them being removed from all search rankings or, in severe cases, blacklisted.

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