Arts and Crafts Fill the 4-H Building | New


ALEXANDRIA – Harli Evans was proud to win a blue ribbon for her photograph of a sunset outside her Elwood home.

“That day I was in bed and I wasn’t feeling well. My best friend called me and told me to go outside at sunset. I ran outside without shoes (towards) the road and took a picture.

As a member of 4-H for seven years, her passion for photography brought her to the State Fair three separate years.

Inside the 4-H building, around 260 crafts and projects are on display, such as Lego structures and fashion pieces.

Evans said she used her photography skills to teach young participants, Grace and William Kessinger, how to capture award-winning photographs. The two have received purple ribbons and will be attending the State Fair.

“I did (photography) before 4-H… I was in a class for my first year and learned more about it,” Evans said. “I actually knew what I was doing well. (Helping younger members) makes it look like I’m doing something right.

The Madison County Purdue Extension operates the 4-H program. 4-H Youth Development Extension educator Bill Decker of Anderson said the building was bustling.

“Last night I got here around 7:30 p.m. (hours), because we close at 9 p.m. (hours), and I was expecting me to be the one to stay standing… and the building was running pretty quickly”, a- he declared. . “There were a lot of people watching the children’s projects.

As a member of the Home Economics Club, Alexandria’s Wanetta Stiers returned to the 4-H Building on Tuesday to check out her piece in the Madison County Housewives Exhibit. Her “Babyfeet Cross-stitch” project, made for her granddaughter, received a blue ribbon from the judges.

Formerly a 4-H member for 10 years, she said that while her kids are no longer in 4-H, she likes to pin down projects.

“There’s the tradition and the continuity that it continues to have, and while we’re still a smaller-scale version, since we’re in shock with COVID and all, it’s really nice to see the things are changing and getting back to normal a bit.

“The kids haven’t lost heart and they’re still working on their projects and getting involved in 4-H.

The evaluation of the projects began on July 8. Each 4-H project will be on display in the 4-H building throughout the week of the show, which ends on July 24.


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