Are charges out of fashion? Why celebrities turn the needle

Written in his refreshingly straightforward manner, Schumer fans loved his honesty. Because while putty can be put to good use to lift a jowl here or straighten a nose in the nose, it’s just as important to talk about the realities of when things go wrong.

It’s not always simple and glamorous: In a world where injectables are often treated as a simple beauty treatment like a set of locks or a luxury pedicure, Schumer emphasizing that these adjustments aren’t for everyone. is an important reality Check.

Of course, in the highly unregulated world of aesthetics in the UK, a good filler look really depends on the right practitioner. You need a qualified physician with an approach that always errs on the side of caution.

More importantly, someone who rejects people if a cheek plumping treatment just isn’t right for them (as in Schumer’s case). I often interview cosmetic doctors, and the way they perform these very popular treatments is both thoughtful and ethical.

They will refuse anyone who is too young (facial anatomy is still developing until the early twenties) and often perform treatments with higher prices.

Because for so many good doctors there are many more practitioners who qualify for four day ‘crash course’ treatments – some have absolutely no medical training and yet are able to move on from zero knowledge of anatomy to a Monday wielding a needle full of hyaluronic acid – which you can buy online, by the way – by the weekend.

Not to mention promoting unethical ‘specials’ that entice and sell customers to book more than they ask for, offers that mean you can buy your lip filler and you have the chin done for free. Ouch. There are some things that really should be left to the experts.

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