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When we talk about entrepreneurs, social leaders and young political leaders, one image that comes to mind is being overweight. This image is changing as most politicians today set high standards in Indian politics. Narendra Modi, youth leader and Prime Minister of India, is a perfect example. Another name that is becoming a household name in Delhi NCR for many reasons is Anish Abbasi, also known as Anish Mohammad.

True ICON of Delhi NCR Youth:
Anish Abbasi is a young political leader, entrepreneur and youth icon from Delhi NCR. He is also famous for many things but USP is his fit body. Very few in India have fit bodies like him in politics. He sets a high standard in the politics of India with his appearance as a youngster of India.

Not all politicians just address mass groups, make bogus pledges and travel far with their lives. Then you only watch one move of the piece. Because just like the commoner, even politicians like Anish Abbasi are human and therefore aspire to fame, fitness and fortune.

The reason why he is an icon of Delhi’s youth is manifold. Yes, besides his political career, he is also an entrepreneur involved in multiple businesses. Anish Abbasi is a fashion designer who runs a wholesale clothing business called “Pecific Designer”, which wholesales his clothing all over India. Moreover, he designs the clothes of some celebrities and politicians.

In addition to this, Anish is also the owner of Brown Sugar Cafe which is well known in the coffee shop industry in Delhi NCR. Also, he owns and operates Bizzard Security Solution Pvt Ltd, a reputed security company in Delhi, NCR.

Social leaders like Anish have set a great example for young people in Delhi NCR on how to work for society and live a better life. When leading a crowd you need unique qualities in several areas, and Anish Abbasi has that X-factor in him which will take him to the next level for years to come.

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