8 Indian celebrities over 60 who still set fashion goals: from Chiranjeevi to Amitabh Bachchan

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Age is just a number and these actors seem to prove it. Style and your fashion sense never leave you. And he certainly does not leave these brave men! Check Out These 8 Indian Celebrities Who Are Over 60 But Don’t Set Style Goals!

1) Chiranjeevi:
This stunning actor turned 66 in August. He is a legend of Telugu cinema. This actor doesn’t look like he’s over 40 and still manages to shock everyone with his fashionable look.

2) Akkineni Nagarjuna:
This Telugu legend turned 62 this year and yet manages to keep a youthful air around him. He has a mind-blowing sense of style even though he prefers to keep it simple and secure.

3) Anil Kapoor:
This 64-year-old man not only looks young but is also quite young at heart. Age is just a number because even after 60, a man is still an idol.

4) Mammootty
This 70-year-old might as well be Benjamin Button. Not only does he look a lot younger than his age, but the way he dresses chic hasn’t changed at all. He is a sharp dresser and also looks extremely suave.

5) Jackie Shroff:
This 64 year old woman has a very carefree and easy going wardrobe. The actor never fails to impress us with his dapper style choices.

6) Boman Irani:
If this actor does not have a very flamboyant sense of style, his looks are elegant and exude charm. She’s a chic 61-year-old celebrity!

7) Kamal Haasan:
This Tamil cinema legend turns 66 this year and like so many other Southern stars, she has denied the visible signs of age! He even grooms himself accordingly and keeps his wardrobe up to date with trendy clothes.

8) Amitabh Bachchan:
Big B never disappoints. Especially when it comes to fashion. The man has been creating fashion trends since the 70s. The actor will be 79 years old in a few days. And he’s going to be a stylish 79-year-old star.

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