3 lifestyle changes for healthier skin

Few experts know more about the holistic mind-body-skin approach than Tammy Fender. As an experienced esthetician and founder of her eponymous skincare line, she also recently opened her second serene spa, this time in Delray Beach, FL’s Opal Grand—Fender is considered the authority in the space. So much so that she calls celebrities ranging from Gwyneth Paltrow to clients of Julianne Moore.

Instead of pushing excess product and recommending a more-is-more-for-skin-health approach, Fender cuts it back, encouraging a slower, more intentional approach that often starts with your lifestyle, not what is on your vanity. “For me, the overriding goal is to pursue simplicity, allowing the body, skin, and whole being to find a natural ease,” says Fender. Ahead, three lifestyle changes the expert says will help usher in a healthier, happier complexion and mind.

Diet to do: “Simplicity helps me remember that eating foods in their most natural state – raw vegetables and juices, and unprocessed foods – is best for the body and for the glow of the skin. .” If your skin is sensitive or chronically congested, Fender suggests drinking plenty of lemon water and watching your dairy intake.

Correction of the formula: “Natural herbal skincare formulas are best for the skin because they work in harmony with the body’s natural rhythms.” Unlike many facialists, Fender likes to do less for the skin and allow it to breathe and repair itself.

The essential zen: Fender’s signature spa treatments swap traditional extractions and multi-step skincare for a slow, rhythmic, wellness-focused experience that puts wellness first. “Making time for stillness and allowing our hearts to sink into peace allows the body to process excess stress hormones,” Fender explains.

The essential : “On a physical level, each of these holistic practices helps us conserve energy,” says Fender. “At the skin level, living in simplicity allows the body to process all contaminants and shine with a natural glow. And on the spiritual level, all these small movements put us in harmony with the whole.

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