11 Gen Z fashion and wardrobe essentials you must have

Digital-native first-generation fashionistas are ensuring the fashion industry continues to adapt to Gen Z’s progressive and liberal views on inclusivity and equality. They also rewrote the way divas dress while prioritizing individuality over conformity.

With more and more influencers setting trends every second, there’s a lot to learn about Gen Z fashion and style. How about starting by sprucing up your closet with these must-haves?

Every Gen Z fashion enthusiast has a few essentials in their wardrobe. Here is a list!

wide jeans

Gone are the days when girls wore nothing but skinny jeans. Wide leg jeans are all the rage today and you need to own a pair if you want to kill your fashion game.

Colour-block sneakers

Color block sneakers are currently the top choice of Gen Z consumers. Available in a wide variety of colors, the sneakers are not only popular among influencers but are also the top choice of celebrities.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees remain a wardrobe staple not only for women but also for boys. A black graphic tee is a must-have for anyone fashion-forward who plans to flaunt their OOTDs on a daily basis.

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jogging shorts

Long joggers have been replaced by jogger shorts in cozy fabrics. They are the perfect companion to graphic tees and are super comfortable.

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are back in style and they’re here to stay. So, get some pleated skirts in different colors to match your crop tops.

tiny sunglasses

Super jumbo shades are so old fashioned. Now, fashionistas are pairing their OOTDs with transparent or small-framed sunglasses that don’t cover half of your face.

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bucket hat

If you are going for a comfortable look, a bob may be the right choice for you. Owning a few will add versatility to your wardrobe collection.


Whether you love tie-dye shirts, co-ords or sweatshirts, we’ll all agree that nothing beats a good dyed outfit. And they have Gen Z approval, too. So don’t hesitate before you hit the “make a payment” button.

Silicone pads

With backless dresses, deep neck dresses and tube tops taking up most of our closet space, you must have a pair of silicone pads that can go under your OOTDs instead of your basic bras. .


If you are looking for a polished look with your office pants, go for bodysuits.

Corset belt

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